The Neuroscience of Conflict at Work

Years ago I had two executive clients who worked for the same company in positions that required them to be highly collaborative.  What occurred in their relationship was anything but collaborative.  Their relationship devolved into a conflict that pulled their organization into the mud with them. ...more

Warning Signs: Are YOU Tough to Work With?

Sylvia Lafair, PhD.Award Winning AuthorCEO at Creative Energy Options, IncELEVATING LEADERSHIP SKILLS It is soooo much easier to see flaws in others. In fact, it is often the key sport of office politics. “You know what a jerk Joe is” or “Katie had another conniption yesterday, what a loser.”...more

Leadership and Honesty

Big question: when do we most often have difficulty with expressing our feelings openly? Easy answer: when there is conflict....more

Want to Find a Better Solution to Handle Conflict?

Conflict--what's your initial reaction? Want to find a better solution to handling any conflict? Explore how to find your way OUT of blaming, unnecessary drama, or running for the hills by following these practical guidelines....more

Should You Bring It Up? Follow This Flow Chart

As someone who prescribes to the speak-your-mind camp, I quickly ...more
I actually think this chart is a great idea.  It seems so simplistic.  Yet, it probably covers a ...more

Getting Someone on Your Side Sometimes Means Meeting Them Halfway

Last night, I had an actual “good parenting” moment. They come so rarely, I simply had to document it in case it never happens again. At dinner, my husband and I were trying to talk to each other about our days. He was trying to get Kaylee to eat her dinner, which she would only do while sitting in his lap. Zach was sitting next to them and kept distracting her. We repeatedly told him to stop and just sit facing the table....more

Words May Hurt, But Intentions Matter

First, I have a story to tell you. Last night, the evening of the 4th of July, some friends of ours stopped by to pick up their daughter who had spent the day with us. For the sake of this story, we will call them Bob and Sue. As usual, Bob, Sue, Big Poppa and I ended up sitting around chatting when Sue told a story about meeting Bob's elderly aunt for the first time before she and Bob got married some years back....more
This past weekend was a big fight with my husband.  I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding and ...more

How To Get Calmer And Stay Connected In A Conflict

Welcome back to our series on conflict....more

Fight-Free February or Madness-Free March | How to positively handle conflict with your children

In successful relationships it’s not that there is no conflict but conflicts are well-handled.  When there is conflict the following approach will help stop it escalating and allow for disagreement without harming the relationship....more