Bitter Me, Not

When you’re say, eighty, and looking back to your life, how would you see it?Hers is a story of betrayal. Worse, it’s exceptionally ironicwhen all she’s trying to do for more than eight decades of her life is to conform. ...more
I think that bitterness isn't something that pounces on us suddenly when we're older - I think ...more

Celebrating Different: Let Our Kids Be Daredevils

I’m completely for gender equality with regard to all opportunities, be they in education, sports, work, or any other aspect of life. I believe people should be free to live their lives in a way that reflects them, their thoughts, and feelings. That also means allowing boys and girls to enjoy differences, free from societal and parental interference, which come naturally to many of them. As I watched our son, his friend, our daughter, and nieces play not long ago, I saw a marked difference in their approach to fun. ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: Blending in

Traveling to different places and countries only makes us realize how little we know and understand about people, communication and relationships. While many things are very similar, we can safely conclude that we in the States are the non-conformists. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more