Vigilantly Constricting

I hotfooted into yoga class ten minutes late and discovered that, uncharacteristically, the teacher had taken some time for talk before movement. Hoping to illuminate the theory behind the practice, she’d explained a few terms and their role in the various poses we’d be doing.By the time I slunk in, the class was well into its sun salutations. Much like when I was in college, I tried to fake my way through having missed the lecture....more

Feeling Like a Stranger in a Strange Land

So here I am at BlogHer jumping in with both feet on day one. I know I'm blogging everyday over at my main blog, BulgingButtons, but what on earth am I doing here? I've already linked today's content, but then what? Do I repost it here? I'm so confused!I love the idea of reaching a wider audience for my blog. I know I'm not alone... there are lots of people like me that can relate to my trials and tribulations, and even if they don't share my particulars, they can at least appreciate my ups and downs....more

Do we really have it all?

One of the best things about being in a great relationship is, feeling comfortable enough to leave it for an evening. You can have a time alone or with friends, the ‘great’ relationship doesn’t cling along. No emotional baggage, no explanations required, everything is great. ...more

Are You Diluting Your Message & Brand?

Many business owners sell more than one thing. It's one way to diversify a small service based business. Yet if you try to convey everything you sell to someone you sound like someone who offers financially planning, coaching, massage, ear candling, and basketweaving. Your brand and message is diluted at best and you appear untrustworthy and wacky at worst. What do you do? Read this post from Linda Daley at "Work Better, Not Harder" and see how not to dilute your message. ...more

What shall I be when I grow up.....

  I have always sat in amazement of my friends/family, most of society, who shall remain nameless, that just seem to know what they want to be when they grow up and forge ahead in what seems to an outsider, complete acceptance that this is their destiny.... ...more

How many women does it take to pick one mascara?

I am a makeup minimalist. And by minimalist I mean that I have no idea how to apply it, in what order, nor the patience to do it. My regimen consists of eye concealer (no one wants a close up of what another late night has wrought), a swipe of mascara, and lip balm.What? Lip balm counts....more

Lost: My Bliss. Reward if found.

I lost my bliss somewhere. Not sure where it went. But it's gone. Have you seen it? Last spotted... Oh, I don't even remember where I last saw it.I'm feeling lost. I'm back at work and everything is great. I've kind of got a handle on what needs to happen to get/keep our finances in check. Kids are great, hubs is great, both sides of the family are great. But I'm not feeling great. I feel like I'm missing something inside me, that passion for... I don't know... something. I feel like I've lost my bliss and I'm not sure how that happened....more

...train of thought...on dreams, in sleep...'s 5:30 in the morning, and I'm awake again. It's probably the third or fourth time. Restless sleep plagued by bizarre dreams of people and places I have not encountered in years...none of them resembling their usual appearance anyway, but just close enough so they are identifiable . I wake up with an insane thirst that no amount of water from the bottle next to my bed seems to have the slightest effect on. My throat hurts. It feels like there is a large, dry, itchy twine knot in the back of it, scraping the flesh whenever I swallow. I have no idea what this is....more

Public Library

Do you value your public library? Why or why not?...more