A Month of Awesome Women: Yvette Mulongo

Don't let Yvette Mulongo's big brown eyes or soft-spoken voice fool you. She is one awesome woman, determined to change one of the most dangerous places to be a woman -- one girl at a time. Mulongo is a healthcare advocate from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country known as the "ground zero of rape." Maternal death, lack of access to basic education and contraception, and a destructive disease called fistula are also commonplace in Mulongo's home country. ...more

Thank you, Grace, for sharing Ms. Mulongo's story with us. As awful as it is for me to say this, ...more

Pay It Forward Friday


May I ask why you've chosen to go overseas for adoption vs. going stateside?more

BlogHers, Join Her on the Bridge!

It’s been 100 years since March 8th was designated International Women’s Day, and women worldwide have yet to achieve the equality they envisioned so long ago. In times of war, they are still the primary targets of systematic rape, torture, displacement and pillaging....more

My most memorable moments from 2008 -- From famine in Africa to watching my brother win a medal at the Olympics

It has been a fantastic year. Four continents, multiple countries, many stories, both tears and laughter and everything in between. I'll just touch upon a few of my most memorable moments from the year, the bulk of which I spent in East Africa and traveling around the region. Near Ruhengeri, Rwanda ...more

We Remember

Today we took a moment to remember all the men and women who have sacrificed to make our freedom possible. We remember the military men and women who lost their lives, the people who sacrificed at home and all of the people still affected by war and its horrible consequences today. Remembrance day is a somber day and I always get a little melancholy just thinking about it. ...more

Funny story of the week: DR Congo frees goats from prison

A baby goat just hangin' on the street corner In other breaking news... a dozen goats have been freed from a Congolese jail, after they had been imprisoned for "being sold illegally by the roadside," according to the BBC's story here. There are many a time when, in a vehicle, I would have to wait and wait and wait for the goats to cross the road. ...more

Is New Orleans the Vagina of America? (V-Day and V to the Tenth, part 2)

I said in my post Practicing Presence at V-Day that “I saw .. Eve Ensler weeping in the hallway, carrying a burden …” If you saw what she’s seen, heard what she’s heard, and have been where she's been, then you would know why this is so, that she walks sometimes and weeps. ...more

Thank you for the comments, Virginia and Maria. It was an experience I'll cherish. ...more