Who are YOUR heroes?

 I’m a great grandmother. To clarify, I’m a good grandmother, what I mean to say is that my lovely granddaughter has presented me with my first great-grandson. I guess this means I’m officially a grownup. I bring this up because I think that we women have an obligation to instill in their offspring a few basic values. One of the ones I feel most strongly about is the obligation to live within the law. ...more

Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Congress

Off the top of my head, I can think of handfuls of other issues that are more important than whether Roger Clemens lied to Congress about using steroids.  Things, in fact, that are - believe it or not - more important than if Clemens even did use steroids.  Like the Paycheck Fairness Act that is up for a vote this Tuesday....more

Another Debt Ceiling Crisis?

It looks like we will soon be fighting that debt-ceiling battle again.  The President, and his party, will want Congress to rubber-stamp an increase to the debt limit, while the Republican lawmakers will insist that some meaningful spending cuts be initiated.  When that happens, Democrats, including the President’s election campaign, will accuse the Republicans of trying to shut down the government.  The conflict will then be in full...more

Retired Col. Martha McSally: A Real Life Role Model

I wish I could have met, in person, my new hero, Retired Air Force Col. Martha McSally.  Fortunately, I sat next to her campaign manager on my flight home from Arizona on Monday.  Because of that encounter, I learned who Martha McSally is, what she is doing, and how much she has accomplished.   If you don’t know, like I didn’t, Martha is running for Congress of the United States to represent Southern Arizona, filling the position vacated by Gabby Giffords....more
 @elaineR.N. Have I told you that I love you? Well, I do!   :)more

I have a Dream... A Dream about the Grandmothers...

I have a Dream. I have a Dream that a council of Grandmothers similar to the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers walks into the US Congress building and takes it over. But these are not only indigenous Grandmothers. These are the Grandmothers of the men and women whom are currently holding office there, as elected officials. ...more

Understand the Internet Strike: SOPA, PIPA and a Free Internet

Today, January 18, 2012, a number of web sites are going dark to protest two bills currently before Congress that, if passed, could have a chilling effect on freedom of the intenet. The bill in the House is H.R. 3261: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), while the Senate bill, S.968: PROTECT-IP Act of 2011, is commonly known as PIPA. ...more
Seriously, doesn't congress have more important issues to deal with? Is taking over control of ...more

Tuesday's tidbits

Can you tell where this is going? Yes, a roundup of unrelated items, all stuffed into a virtual suitcase of tidbits. In no particular order... -- Holiday whiplash. Turned on the car radio this morning and was startled -- not in a good way -- to hear Christmas music streaming out of the speakers. Come on, man. It was bad enough to go to a coffee shop two weekends ago and see Christmas cookies for sale at the cash register. Do we really need to get into "Deck The Halls" this far out from the holiday? ...more

The 2012 Farm Bill: Why You Should Care

I had been planning to write about the upcoming 2012 Farm Bill but I was somewhat saddened that it did not receive any discussion on the CtS FB Page nor on Twitter. This is an important issue that is going to be hitting the U.S. at a tumultuous political time. We need to start thinking about it and talking about it now. ...more
Thanks Mieliepips! Y'know, it looks like a lot of people read it, on BlogHer and on my blog. But ...more

Women Who Blog to Washington: You're in Time-Out

Hi everyone,I interrupt the planning extravaganza for BlogHer's annual wedding (heh, sorry, little Elisa-Jory-Lisa joke for the mind-blowing, fun, exhaustingness that is the last week before the conference) to share with you something really important: Terrific blogging by women on the topic of the national debt ceiling crisis. Evan as news comes that President Obama and Speaker Boehner finally reached a tentative budget deal yesterday, I'm still shocked and appalled the nation has been stuck in this position for so long and can't tear my browser away from it -- so I may as well share, right?...more

"Don't Say Gay" Bill Passes, Star Trek's Sulu To The Rescue

Tennessee has passed a bill that prohibits discussing any aspect of homosexuality in public school classrooms grades kindergarten through eighth. Former Star Trek star George Takei, concerned about how this might affect alienated gay youth, has launched a campaign against the bill, which is slated go to the House as soon as lawmakers return from adjournment next year. ...more

to expunge queerness from society, It is, as George's fictional space-faring buddy would say, ...more