No Public Option For Private Party

What services do we really get for all the taxes we pay?  A driver’s license, don’t we pay for that? ...more

Al Franken Shines SotoMayor Best In 100yrs

One thing I learned watching the confirmation hearings is that there are too many old white men in the Senate.  There was a lot of blubbering and rhetorical speech exposing the fact that many of these men have spent their entire lives in the Senate or in Congress.  Some of them have been there too long.  I think we need younger fresher voices in the Senate and House.  People like Arlen Specter who switched parties because he thought he would lose ...more

The Washington Post Nixes Pay-to-Play Salons with Lobbyists

Within an hour of its editorial staff posting its side of the story on an influence-peddling mini-scandal, the Washington Post has added an update saying its publisher, Katharine Weymouth, has canceled plans for "off-the record salons." Earlier this morning The Post responded to a story from Politico on a flier circulated Wednesday by the newspaper's business arm ...more

This whole episode seems like something made up by Stephen Colbert.

By the way, ...more

Congress: Put your own health care on the line

We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we can vote for those who will represent us in Congress. In exchange for our confidence, they receive a salary and health care benefits. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the Federal Employees Benefits Program offers "the widest selection of health plans in the country."  ...more

Our Real Health Reform Choices

Congress is trying to figure out how we’re gonna dig ourselves out of the big health care mess. While I have some ideas of how things could be from the PBS series in the last post, the reality is that a lot of those solutions will not fly in these United States. Doesn’t matter how much Michael Moore or the liberal Dems want it, we are not going to have a single payer system. What we’re looking at here is health care reform, not health care revolution. ...more

Federal toy and product safety database delayed

Several weeks back I wrote about how this easy-to-use database over at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration where you can check if your peanut butter is salmonella free. But if a parent wants to find out if that Thomas and Friends wooden railway the kid has been hankering for is free of lead paint or easy-to-swallow parts, you won't have much luck over at the Consumer Product Safety Commission--yet. ...more

Sign the Petition to Read the Bill

This week the Sunlight Foundation launched the Read the Bill campaign, in which we shockingly suggest that Congress and the public should have at least 72 hours to examine legislation before lawmakers begin doing it. Sounds like common sense, right? Except that Congress often doesn't do it. (You can sign the petition here: ...more has been presenting the Read the Bills Act for over
three years.

And ...more

Live-blog alert: Political Voices of Women liveblogs tonight's address by President Obama

At 9pm EST, Tuesday, February 24th, US President Barack Obama will be delivering what political observers are referring to as his first State of the Union Address. As Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times wrote: ...more

Women's Issues, Obama the Feminist and the 111th Congress

The Ms. Special Winter 2009 Inaugural Issue is now out with a cover image of President-elect Barack Obama wearing a t-shirt that says, "This is what a feminist looks like." From a media advisory prepared by Ms.: ...more

Your blog post came up on my feed this AM, and I thought you might be interested in seeing ...more