What the new Congress won't be talking about

The 111th Congress is about to be sworn in and get to work. Their "to do" list is enormous-a mega-financial crisis, the war in Iraq, the bloody conflict in the Middle East. Under the circumstances it's understandable that the top matter on the agenda won't be long-standing legislation to make it easier for women in the workplace to breastfeed their babies. That's all fine and well. ...more

You know, it's funny. We see this HUGE uproar about the breastfeeding pictures on FaceBook. ...more

Open Letter to Barack Obama on Health Care Reform

Dear President-Elect Obama: As you prepare to take office during these turbulent times, much is expected of you. Perhaps too much. I’m not one to expect miracles, but my dearest hope is that we will soon see the first inklings of change. You can tell a lot about a people by how they treat their ill. Major health care reform must begin now if we are to hold our heads high in the world once again. ...more

Does your Congresswoman/man tweet?

Since we're talking about Twitter and politics, let's talk about how you can keep up with members of Congress who tweet. Yes, that's right--more and more lawmakers are tweeting even as they debate bills on the floor of the House and the Senate and go about their business, providing a new view of just what it is they do all day. ...more

What's Your Thought on the Automotive Bailout?

Professionals involved in the automotive industry have been under a barrage of information about the current state of the economy and how it is affecting the car business. Regardless of one's political affiliations, it's a fact that the domestic automotive industry feeds our nation's finances in a multitude of ways. Quite honestly, it doesn't matter whether you're involved in the industry or even drive a car, this situation will affect every single consumer in the United States in very broad ways. ...more

Why don’t we have a incentive package that partners the real estate market and the auto ...more

Stagnation Nation: Despite efforts, women's wins in political races fail to accelerate

I'd been blogging for nearly a year and a half when the November 2006 elections turned Ohio blue (Democrats took four of the five state offices and former Congressman/now U.S. ...more

What Does It Show? The Film Clip That Every American Should See

The film that every American who wants or needs to understand our current credit crisis / financial crisis and its origin in the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should see.  The film is created from CSPAN footage shot at Congressional hearings in late 2004.  It is amazing!!! Particularly in light of current excuses and accusations. To view this amazing video, click here. ...more

October is National Disability Awareness Month, Congress Celebrated by Doing Something Useful

While all eyes were on the economic meltdown, congress quietly snuck in a very useful and important piece of legislation, signed into law September 25th: the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.     ...more


I'm not sure who frustrates me more; Pelosi and her poorly timed comments about the Bush Administration, the Republicans who try and claim this was sufficient cause to vote against the bill, or the constituents who refuse to see the interconnected nature of our economy. ...more

What Coward Will We Elect This Year?

Which coward will we elect this year? Trucking companies who are in business to make money have gone to 55 MPH speed limits for their truckers. You'll never hear either McCain or Obama propose this as fedeeral law because, even though it makes economic and environmental sense, it won't get either guy a lot of votes. ...more

Universal Wealth Care

Men.  They never go to the doctor when they should and then when they eventually get sick, they wail and moan about how lousy they feel.   ...more