The $700 Billion Bullshit Bailout

this is bullshit-everyone to say it w/me: this bailout is BULLSHIT. I dont make much-$30,000 before taxes, insurance, & state nickel & dimin take their massive chunk outta me. right now theyre saying what they rob me of every week is going to go towards even more nonsense-to bailout the very companies that are responsible for this mess to begin w/. companies that lurred uninformed, unprepared, blue collar people,GOOD people-into subprime bullshit schemes. ...more

I think these companies need to be paying higer taxes we should not be giving them money. It ...more

Women of Achievement Deserve a Permanent Place of Recognition. Support the National Women’s History Museum.

September is Women of Achievement Month, a national observation recognizing the accomplishments of women from all walks of life. I've been fortune in my career to have met many outstanding, courageous women who are inspirations and role models not only for me, but for all of us. ...more

Wishlist: Green Tax Break

             So in a few months the “green” tax breaks for wind and solar energy companies are set to expire. Come 2009, and they will be left high-and-dry, unless congress stops the ridiculous partisan crap and renews them. I think it’s hilarious that all these politicians claim to want to make America energy-indepenedent and green, and yet they won’t come together to solve what these companies need the most. ...more

Election 08: The Candidates on Iraq

Despite the talk among public figures and commentators about the need for unifying ideas in today's political arena, the presidential candidates and their policies regarding Iraq couldn't be less suited to cross the aisle of partisan politics. In the presidential race, Senators Clinton and Obama have both put forward proposals to end the military conflict-- by bringing troops home or redeploying them elsewhere. Senator McCain believes that we need to stick with the status-quo and advocates sending even more troops. ...more

Obama ran against Keyes in 2004 for his seat in the uS Senate. In 2002, he was running for ...more

Taxpayer Alert: National Security and the Defense Budget are Not the Same Thing

Last month, Congress passed a defense budget that will cost American taxpayers over $500 billion dollars...and when you add in the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the numbers get closer to $1 trillion. To put these numbers in context, the United States spends more than the next 45 highest spending countries in the world combined. In our own budget, the defense portion of the budget (again, minus the wars) takes up 54% of the money that Congress has available to spend this year. ...more

Kansas Rep. gets Blogger Thanks

Freshman Democrat Nancy Boyda (KS-02) got a rousing thanks from the front page bloggers of DailyKos Saturday when a recently posted BoydaBloc video made its way to nation wide netroots activists. With thank yous posted both on Youtube and on the Kos page, spineless members must be shaking in their loafers as American voters are beginning to stand up against the Senate version of the FISA bill. ...more

Clemens and Bonds Waste More of American Tax Payers Money

Earlier today a judge in San Francisco unsealed Barry Bonds' 2003 grand jury testimony. Excellent, because the over worked judicial system in California should be busy worrying about what Barry Bonds said five years ago. As a bonus (if you pay taxes in the Unites States) now the FBI is investigating whether or not Roger Clemens lied to Congress. ...more

I agree. This is an issue MLB needs to be addressing. If the federal government "caught him in ...more

Children's Health Insurance & Seniors

Recently, ads reporting Medicare cuts have spread across the nation provoking fear in the hearts of seniors and low-income Medicare Beneficiaries. The Nursing Home Industry, not consumer research and advocacy groups inform many of the ads. The ads mislead seniors about the impact of the Children’s Health and Medicare Protection Act (CHAMP). Two of the major issues in the debate center on Medicare Advantage and a one-year freeze on automatic payment increases to nursing homes. ...more

41 Dems Vote to Continue Ease of Domestic Spying

At 10:20 p.m. yesterday 41 Democrats voted with all but two Republicans to continue the Bush administration's unconstitutional wiretapping program. Why weren't the Sunday morning talking heads jaw-boning about this? ...more