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Come and visit me

When I was a little girl we would visit my father's extended family quite often. So often, that I was confused as to who my Mother's family was for a very long time. (I would wonder: Did she not have a family? Or was her family the same as Dad's family?) It took me a long time to realize that her family lived farther away....more
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No More Babies: Six Ways to End the Heart v. Head Debate

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You Can Find Strange Connections on Social Media

Yesterday, I was editing a post on BlogHer, a cautionary tale on using images on your blog. (Uh, if you haven't read what happened to this blogger, you really should. Because I see illegally used images on your blogs all the time when I'm reading. Please be careful. And kind.) I squinted at the name of the artist whose image had been stolen: Marian Osher. She was my childhood art teacher. ...more
I contacted my siblings on my fathers side of the family who didn't know I existed until 2 yrs ...more


In the fall of 1973, 21 children started first grade at St. Joseph School.  In May of 1985, 11 of them graduated from Knoxville Catholic High School.  Those 11 kids spent more time together than they probably will spend with anyone else, ever, other than the members of their nuclear family....more

Allow Me To Comment

That's right, sometimes I don't comment on others' blogs. Sometimes I want to comment and then end up distracted and forget. Sometimes I intend to go back and make a comment. Sometimes I don't want to seem eager, whatever that means, so I don't comment.There are definitely times that I do want to comment. I even try to comment. But, some bloggers aren't set up in such a way that I can comment comfortably. What do I mean. Well, quite simply some bloggers only allow comments through certain social media platforms....more
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Carmina, Seth and Connections Untended

I went to my summer orientation at Ithaca College in 1983 mainly concerned with the paltry, much-ballyhooed 1:3 guy/girl ratio.  That fear quickly gave way to elation when I saw Seth - a tanned fellow frosh with a shy, crooked smile and black Specials t-shirt sitting on a dorm room desk during our ‘grain alcohol in trash can’ mixer....more

Family Mysteries

Do you have a connection to your family that brings a mystery with it? Find out about one such person from my family's past. Sounds suspenseful, doesn't it?In many ways it was and is, because so many answers will never rise to the top to cap one man's mysterious past and how it connected him with the family.Claudsy's Blog tells of Paul, a farmhand who lived with my grandparents throughout my childhood, a man who lived as family but wasn't.Go to: and discover a few strands of mystery. Claudsy...more