What’s your connectivity worth?

Could you do it?So this image was posted on my company’s FB page this week and received some blog-worthy buzz. Comments from the netheads included ‘Where do I sign up’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Anytime’. Okay, but what about the true internet junkies out there who value their connectivity to the world wide web higher than most? Well their remarks about the post went something like this. – ‘Absolutely no. I would die,’ and ‘Are you out of your freaken mind???’  I’m not paraphrasing here, folks....more

The Connected Car: Your Next Mobile Platform

If you thought talking on the phone hands free in your car was cool, brace yourself for what’s next. Your next car will be smart and connected–empowering safer driving and greater efficiency, serving up dynamic and interactive infotainment, and even be context-aware, automatically adjusting to your cockpit preferences. ...more
has an unabashedly curmudgeonly stand on this: Most of these gadgets are distracting, and moms ...more

Ten Years in Tech: Marissa Mayer and Dori Smith

In the ten years since 2000, things changed rapidly in the technology field. We get used to them day by day, adopt changes and never look back. When you do take a moment to look back, you realize how much really has changed in the last 10 years. As part of BlogHer's 10 in 10 series, here are ten things about the last ten years of technology, starting with women in tech. ...more

is great, you totally deserve the mention.

Virginia DeBolt

We're Almost There!

Wow, it's been a great ride! Three travel bloggers, a bunch of camping gear, and a loaned minivan. I'm on wifi in a perfectly lovely Dubuque, Iowa coffee house, my companions are here too, we're furiously uploading video, updating blogs, catching up on the Twitter, and generally plugging in for an afternoon break before we tumble back in the van. We've got one more stop and then it's Chicago, laundry, and indoor plumbing! ...more