From Fear to Hope and Love

We live in challenging times.  The economy, while showing signs of recovery, is still causing many people to live in a state of fear, which is exacerbated by the media’s message of lack, scarcity, gloom and doom.  Apparently, good news and positive topics don’t sell and don’t generate ratings.  Stories of disasters, financial and otherwise, abound.  While there is much that’s happening in the world today that gives us reason to fear the future, we need to be mindful to not let fear take over our lives. ...more

Making Decisions and Thinking Big

Have you ever had to make a really big decision and found yourself paralyzed by fear?  Maybe you were trying to decide whether to leave your job.  Maybe a relationship had gone sour and you were thinking about leaving.  Maybe you were trying to decide about moving to a new city.  But you found yourself unable to make a decision.  Why do we get stuck when it comes to making big decisions, and how can we overcome this? ...more

Five Habits to Expand Your Thinking

Our thoughts create our reality, so it makes sense that by thinking big, you’ll create a big life for yourself on all levels – spiritual, emotional, and physical.  The five habits below will help you expand your thinking, and as a result, expand your life.  1.  Your choices create your outcomes. ...more

A New President Doesn't Mean Instant Change for the U.S. or In Our Lives

We've had a new president for five days. Has anything really changed? Many of us felt more hopeful watching the inauguration, but what about now? Has that hope lingered? It's hard to keep hope alive. It's hard to stay positive, especially when nothing seems to change - or at least not to change quickly or quickly enough for our liking. ...more

For Chanukah: The Kabbalah of Candle Light

The story of Chanukah revolves around two main points:  The success of a small Jewish army over a large Assyrian one in a fight for religious freedom or, maybe more accurately, against assimilation and the miracle of the sole jar of oil found in the temple that burned not for one day in as expected but for eight during the rededication of the Jewish Temple, which was defiled by the Assyrians. ...more