Conscious Parenting Break Down – The what, how and why!

Conscious Parenting is a term for a more peaceful, aware style of parenting. I’m sure you have heard talk about it.I live it.And it is a way easier, more effective and peaceful style of parenting, or way of life rather!...more

Would You Be Able to Live Like This?

 LIVING A CONSCIOUSLY HEALTHY LIFE        What is Healthy Living anyway?...more

Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day is the day we celebrate the earth. It is the one day out of the year that people from all over the world come together to plant trees, pledge to compost and/or recycle more, remember their reusable mugs and bags. It seems to me that people sometimes forget that the earth needs some love the other 364 days out of the year.  ...more
check out for glass straws... & happy #EarthDay!(everyday!) @jamoore100 ...more

Our Survey Says!

 I just had to put a photo of Richard Dawson with the post. I mean, c'mon! Anywhoo, thank you to everyone who took my Are You Living Consciously Survey. I will end the suspense and reveal the responses as I'm sure you are all just sitting by your computer waiting to find out what they are...if so, please go directly outside your door and walk around. You need a life! ...more

Are You Living Consciously?

As I was driving to "work" after dropping the kids off at school this morning I started thinking about how I live my life. Yea, I know...deep stuff for 8:35 am. I was contemplating the things that I really care about and whether I actually put my money, energy, and thoughts into those things consciously or if I'm just slogging through life, just hanging on to a thread barely able to keep up with the crap that blows my way. ...more

Do you have the Citta Vrttis?

When I lived in Houston my morning walk took me down a long boardwalk overlooking an inland waterway connected to the Gulf. One morning as I passed by, the water was woven into an undecipherable pattern of tiny, fluctuating waves. I stopped on the edge of the boardwalk and sat down. I watched as the waves undulate in one direction and then another, often so quickly that it was hard to determine the direction of movement of any individual wave. Each wave definitely had a unique identity, but they also seemed to have a collective personality. There ...more