How My Anxiety Disorder Influences My Sex Life

I wish I heard more conversations about how mental health impacts sex. I’ve always been a very sexual person. As soon as I hit puberty, I was fascinated by sex.My best friend and I talked about it all the time, putting our heads together to imagine what it would really be like. Would it be like it was in the movies, in the books we got at the library?...more
BlogHer people who don't know the complete numbness of #Anxiety can't grasp the idea that we ...more

Does No Always Mean No?

No means no. Right? Of course it does, except when it doesn’t....more

What Is Porn Teaching Us About Desire and Consent?

Anal sex.  Everybody's doing it... or so the internet would have us believe. In today's money shot culture, images of women being bent over have become commonplace....more
I have a feeling this answer isn't going to be popular, but part of the problem you're ...more

She’s Just Not That Into You: The Book That Should Have Been Written

Disclaimer: This article is about heterosexual relationships because it is written from my own experience, but I’m sure there are similarly interesting things to say about same-sex relationships, and I hope we can talk about them too.Don’t want. Don’t act. Sit there and look pretty so that a man will make the first move. “You’ve got to get him to say hello.”Field advances; don’t make them. Be the gatekeeper, not the one walking through the door....more

Sexual Objectification Of Women

About a year ago, I asked a friend of mine (a 19 year old female), to go out to a club with me. I was thinking we would go have a fun night of dancing, and a few drinks. She said no. When I asked why, she explained to me that she wouldn’t go out (to a club or bar) unless accompanied by her boyfriend, because she was afraid to be violated by other men while she’s out dancing. After thinking about it, I realized that this is not something I had put much thought into, but it happens all the time....more

Talking To Our Kids About Jian Ghomeshi

Trigger Warning: I am going to discuss the Jian Ghomeshi issue through the lens of parenting. Though not graphic, I do mention rape, abuse and violence. If you need help or support, contact your local women's shelter. I would rather be talking to my son about his love for My Little Pony, or recounting to him my recent holiday in Eastern Ontario (the leaves guys, the leaves), but instead, I am fielding questions about Jian Ghomeshi....more

Indie Film "Consent" Finds Its Way Through The Wreckage [Review]

I know – I don’t usually do movie reviews, but this movie pretty much demanded it. I don’t think I’ve seen another movie that affected me in quite the way Consent did. There are potential spoilers in this review, so read with caution. [Editor's Note: Trigger alert.]...more
@yesnofilms Currently it seems to be just digital. But the cast and crew have said they'll be on ...more

What Does It Mean to Be Empowered?

Empowerment a concept that frequently comes up in discussions about sexuality. How can you tell if someone who wants to give oral sex, try anal sex, or have an open relationship is doing it because it's what they genuinely desire? In a world in which our likes and dislikes are shaped and limited by the world around us, how do we know whether our choices are empowered or not? ...more
This is an excellent exposition on what it means to be true to yourself - not just in sex, but ...more

Had Surgery in Canada? You May Have Also Had an Unintended Pelvic Exam

The headline screamed at me. It couldn't have been any louder: "Time To End Pelvic Exams Done Without Consent." You mean, pelvic exams without consent happen? Regularly? In Canada? ...more

I am absolutely horrified. How can they justify this?  There is something sacred about ...more

End Violence Against Sex Workers

Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Here are some of my thoughts on why violence against sex workers happens and some suggestions for helping to end it: ...more

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Thank you for this post. I think the most powerful thing you said is "Don't sit ...more