Earth Promise: Cargo Bins Are Not Just For Cargo Anymore

Recycled cargo containers, container homes, repurposed bulk-containers, steel shipping container architecture—no matter what lingo is used, this is the moderately new green alternative for an affordable and nearly indestructible home or office.  The skyrocketing cost of constructing/designing residential and office spaces has forced architects to think differently.  They need to not only alter their thinking about the design process, but the technique by which the project is constructed. ...more

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Earth Promise: Green Your Mama

Environmentally friendly gifts are all the rage these days, but with the economy still dipping, you can still show Mom how thankful you are.  Here are a few ideas that will let Mom know you not only adore her, but Mother Earth as well. ...more

Earth Promise: How Green is Your Grocery Purchasing Thought Process?

Think about it: you are grocery shopping and are deciding between your conventional-brand detergent and an environmentally friendly brand. ...more

Earth Promise: Composting 101

Composting.  I have to admit, it frightens me: the thought of our food scraps rotting in the scorching Florida sun just seems to be asking for a family of raccoons and other nocturnal rodents to invade and feast.  The more I research and people I talk with, I’ve discovered that your plants, flowers and shrubs are only as healthy as the soil that sustains them.   Organic materials ( i.e. ...more

Earth Promise: Even Dinosaurs Can Be Green

In February, I recommended some inspiring environmental children’s books.  In my search for the best (according to my children and me) earth-friendly readers, I somehow missed a gem. ...more

Earth Promise: 100 Days of Green

Today is the big day—President Obama’s 100th day in office.  This is the standard for evaluating a president’s initial achievements. Columnist Suzanne Goldenberg, from U.TV, writes about Obama’s ambitious progress to shift America towards a green future.  Amidst the current economic and environmental challenges, Obama has been forced to face a daunting task—devise a recovery package that will help our ailing economy along with transforming a green future.   All eyes are on this hopeful leader.  Goldenberg writes, ...more

Green, is an important issue, since the world facing global heat and others critical ...more

Social Media Experiment a Success

The power of what having a social media network can do for an organization has never been more clear than the following example. A conservation organization, "Replanting the Rainforests" embarked on an experiment using only social media outlets. They contacted bloggers, Facebook users and people on Twitter and asked them to blog, post and tweet about their content for one month. Nothing extra really, just a mention of their mission while doing what they always do. The results are staggering. ...more

Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series: Howard Waldman - Green Dean for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Howard Waldman - Green Dean for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School ...more

Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series: Stefani Newman, eco-writer and Founder of teensygreen

April 10th, 2009 Stefani Newman, eco-writer and Founder of teensygreen ...more