An Inspiring Green Dream

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler. ...more

Hello. My Name is Karen, and I own a Kindle

Yes, sometimes admitting that I own an e-reader can be a bit embarrassing. Like going to your first 12-step program with a bottle in your left hand. I've found that people generally fall into one of two categories when it comes to e-readers and similar hand-held reading devices: they gush and ooze over the cool tech, eyes glazing over the specs, features and functionality OR they crinkle their noses up in disgust at the mere idea of forgoing printed literature, with its distinctive tactile sensations over molded plastic and circuit boards and technology. ...more

I think they are just jealous.  I would love to have one myself.  However, I think they ...more

Bat Update - White Nose Syndrome puts populations at risk

Bat Update - White Nose Syndrome puts populations at risk The other day I introduced you to Bats as Urban Wildlife and earlier this year I let you know that Bats are in trouble< ...more

Environmentally responsible gardening.

Gardners everywhere share certain concerns: water, fertilizers, pests.  How they deal with these concerns varies depending on the garden, and the gardener.  From an environmentally responsible standpoint there are ways to deal with each of these concerns. Water: Xeriscaping uses native plants that are generally drought-tolerant and pest-resistent. ...more

Save the wetlands: Our hearts need them

When I think about shifts in my heart, the kind I feel deep down within, I often use the metaphor of wetlands, those mysterious places where water meets land, and life forms get sorted out, purified, then reabsorbed. Most people misunderstand wetlands; they often downright hate them. I think perhaps we confuse wetlands with wastelands. Whatever the reason, to these folks, bogs are not enchanted, life-filled environments, just pools and puddles of still water for pests to breed. ...more

Spooky Bird and Wildlife Ringtones for Halloween!

Nature sounds are often presented as soft and soothing...and certainly the dawn chorus of birds is melodic. But did you know there are many birds and wildlife whose calls are downright chilling? Halloween is right around the corner, and we've put together our "top ten list" of spooky bird and wildlife ringtones guaranteed to give anyone a fright! Which ringtone do you think is the spookiest? Please add your comment and we'll post the results. Have a fun Halloween...the natural way! ...more