Starting a Conversation on Feminism and Conservatism on Campus

Ten years ago, when a woman stepped on campus she found chapters of the National Organization for Women, Women's Studies departments and Women's Centers not open to supporting all women. That is partly why we founded the Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, to serve as an alternative to campus feminism and provide a home for conservative women on campus....more

Women, it’s all about us!

October 24, 2012 by Maureen J Andrade The latest far right slander against women’s rights came Tuesday when Indiana senatorial candidate Richard Mourdock said pregnancies resulting from rape should not be aborted because they are God’s will. Gov. Romney is a Mourdock supporter and even made a campaign ad for him....more

Sex in the city

By Ana SantosOne baby every 15 seconds. Four babies every minute. Over three million babies born every year. That’s the number of babies that are made in the Philippines.That’s pretty prolific for a country that is supposed to be a conservative country like the Philippines. That’s a whole lot of pro-creation going on in a country that frowns upon having sex before and outside of marriage and sex with someone of the same gender.Ironic, isn’t it?...more

Sotomayor Isn't the Worst He Could Do

The uproar came promptly after President Obama announced Sonia Sotomayor as his choice for Justice Souter's Supreme Court seat. There was the question of her devotion to equality before law. ...more

What I don't understand is why people are all in a tizzy over a quote that was taken out of ...more

David Axelrod, Father of Astroturfing, Sells His Famous Firm

David Axelrod, the father of astroturfing, condemned the nationwide Tea Party protests as "dangers" and called them "astroturfing." You'd think it take one to know one. Ruh-roh Elroy! ...more

Laura Ingraham Calls Meghan McCain Fat, Those Who Did the Same to Limbaugh Cry "Foul!"

Liberals are enjoying this inter-party cat fight just as much as conservatives enjoyed the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer cannibalization. Meghan McCain has spent the better part of the past two weeks promoting her column at The Daily Beast and jockeying for the role as GOP Jesus. She personally attacked Ann Coulter as a way to grab the headlines and pull herself up to some aspect of fledgling relevancy and then feigned shock when Laura Ingraham, conservative talk show host with Fox Radio (whose show airs after my stint in the a.m.) attacked back. ...more

... this whole thing would stop. And to suggest that talking about people's weight is a ...more

Dear World: Rush Limbaugh is NOT Head of the GOP or Conservatism

The Republican Committee may have elected Michael Steele as its new chair, but you can't tell if you've paid any attention at all to the headlines. This isn't due to the left's incessant attempts to portray Rush Limbaugh as the real head of the party - more on this in a bit; rather, it's due to a continuous power vacuum and Steele's hesitance to embrace conservative ideology for fear of sacrificing his "big tent" pseudo-popularity. ...more

Dana, you said you would respond to the alleged hate speech if someone could offer you ...more

John McCain Starts a PAC, is Not My Friend

John McCain is like the Ike Turner of the Republican Party. He smacks us around then he comes back with a fistful of compliments, a bouquet of promises, a "John loves you baby." ...more

Twas the Night Before Christmas ... Conservative-Style

Twas' the night before Christmas and all through the White House, all the liberals gagged the imaginative press for Obama and spouse.Union bosses lined up outside with their palms raised, ...more

You had fun with this, Dana. :-)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


What conservatives fear most in the first 100 days

I have my own personal concerns about this topic, many of which match those of others, but I wanted to let some of these conservative bloggers and Twitterers speak out for themselves.  ...more