Backfire Effect & Reality

A forty-nine year old cancer patient named Julie Boonstra was featured last month in a political ad paid for by Americans for Prosperity (AKA The Koch Brothers’ Puppets) heart-wrenchingly accusing Democratic U.S. Rep....more
"I personally do not believe that"?!!  WHOA.more

The Cheap Female Body: A Guide for Liberal Males on the Female Anatomy

If your a liberal male who was surfing the internet and came across BlogHer and found this blog  and figured it would be something to masturbate to, I have something to say to you: You're in the wrong place. GO AWAY.  This is distinctly a blog entry about the BS I hear everyday about "liberal men for women's rights" and "liberal men support women". BULL. SHIT.  ...more

Politics and Religion are Destroying My Family

This morning, I grieve the loss of my brother. Someone I love fiercely. Someone I believed always had my back and was there for me more times than I can count. Someone I would have done anything for. Instead, it would seem that the hammer of politics and religion packs too strong a punch and the damages left by its blows are proving to be too hard to rebuild. Or at least I think that’s what he thinks. Because I really don’t know. We’ve never discussed it.Religion can divide us so easily. It can be used to slash and burn foundations....more
Wow, you wrote this post 2 years ago - I am so grateful that I found it.  Thank you for your ...more

Overpreoccupied with Occupy, Wall Street, and Tea Parties

My poor Norwegian Artist. The man spent the entire afternoon downloading a graphic design and photo software program to his computer, only to find that, in order to open the program and actually use it, he needed another download. ...more