Guns, Immigration and The Real Problem on The Right

Last week, the right got lucky.Really lucky, as pressure from lobbyists and staunchly conservative home bases for many Republican and a few Democratic senators combined to defeat the President's controversial gun control bill. And now, they find themselves in an even more dangerous position than before; one where it would be all too easy to become complacent, to chalk one superficial win up as an indication of the strength of their overall strategy. ...more
I think you hae some great ideas here. I hope others are listening!  I have shared on my facebook.more

Kim of Just a Conservative Girl: On Finding Power in Local and State Politics

It's 2012, and I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed ringing in the New Year, especially as it promises to be a truly interesting one on the election front! I hope you're enjoying BlogHer's "Why I'm Political" series, as I get to talk with women bloggers from around the web about what they're focused on now that the 2012 presidential primary season is in full swing....more

Thoughts on Budget Repair from a Wisconsin resident

the MAD GoddessFrom the beginning of the budget repair fiasco in Wisconsin, my stand has been that both sides would do better to put aside their win-lose mentality and come together for a solution that serves the greatest good to the most people....more

Questions for Carly Fiorina? Go Ahead and Ask

Carly Fiorina stirred up a flurry of controversy, first as CEO of HP, and now as the Republican candidate running to unseat Barbara Boxer, the U.S. Senator from California. We're pleased to announce our interview with Ms. Fiorina this Tuesday on behalf of the BlogHer community. So that begs the question: what should we ask? ...more
Stop Lobbyist and ear marks The government is by the people , not Corporations A bill should ...more

A Gay Rights Win at CPAC

This past weekend, thousands of conservatives descended on the Marriott in Washington, D.C. for the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). Ten thousand conservatives, to be exact. From all corners of the country. In one place. To meet each other.Sounds terrifying, right? Well, trust me. It is. And I'm conservative....more

I am so relieved to hear your report about gay marriage and the rights of the individual ...more

Universal Health Care? No, Thank You!

It wasn't that long ago that people were actually responsible for paying for their own health care. No one expected a government entity to swoop in and save them from themselves. In fact, many of our parents and grandparents probably paid for a doctor visit out of their own pockets. Thomas Sowell writes ...more

it is time for a change.  This system is not working.  Let's look at other countries, who are ...more