July 4th Celebrations Create Republican Kids?

Is a kid who attends 4th of July celebrations more likely to become a Republican?One study out of Harvard says so. The findings indicate that a child who attends at least one rain-free 4th of July celebration before the age of 18 is 4 percent more likely to vote Republican before the age of 40. And when eventual voting behavior is not considered, these children are still two percent more likely to identify as conservative....more

The notion makes me laugh.

Having not read the study, I'd like to know if they took into ...more

Ideological double standards

Sheesh, I'm writing a political post on BlogHer, an action to which I am adverse, and all because I'm tired of people telling me Weiner is okay, 'he's done a lot for the liberal cause.'...more

Scary Budget Crisis Infographic of the Day

My love of infographics is well documented, as is my devotion to fiscal conservatism. Infographics can take complex issues — like the national debt — and develop visuals that make the concepts easier to understand. Today, the Heritage Foundation released a few infographics to help explain the seriousness of this crisis....more

Conservatives Are Apparently Better Looking

Over the weekend, I noticed a study that claimed conservative politicians are ...more

Inside the Conservative Political Action Conference

Each year, conservatives converge on Washington, DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference. Started in 1973 by the American Conservative Union (ACU), the event has grown to be the largest right-of-center conference of the year. This past weekend, more than 11,000 people attended and set a new record. ...more

I understand your concers about the social programs and have the same feelings about defense ...more

Corporate Tax Rates Are Stifling (Some) American Businesses

Centerist Cynic www.whatweshouldknowblog.com It looks like President Obama and Republicans are starting to agree on an overhaul of the US Corporate Tax system.  In case you missed the discussion so far, I’ll try and recap it for you. Think tanks that trend toward the conservative side, conservative political pundits, and conservative politicians have long been saying our corporate tax rates are among the highest in the world and stifling economic growth.  These groups usually base a lot of their discuss...more

Not-so-New Right Wing Women

By Abby Scher, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine...more

We're Not Gonna Take It: Anti-Bullying Laws Leaving Kids Unprotected

Welcome to Kindergarten I'm angry. Not just a little angry, but really angry....more

The Political Lessons of Christine O'Donnell's Surprise Win

The primary phase of midterm elections is usually considered to be a snooze-fest by journalists and politicos. But not this year. Aside from the attention that Sarah Palin has drawn for the Tea Party, Christine O'Donnell -- and her win in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat in Delaware formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden -- has given us pundits more than enough to write about between now and November! ...more

First I have to say that she is crazy. Someone who thinks that there are ...more