Wrinkled? Does It Matter?

You bet it matters -- to the consignment store and to the potential buyer of your garment!...more

Why Consign Your Clothing and Accessories??

Cleaning out your closet? You can throw old clothes away, donate them to a charity, or take them to a consignment/resale shop. Why choose the latter?  Here are some reasons to consider. Three Great Reasons to Consign:...more

Poor Little Rich Girl

Tracy Livingston This blog re-dedicates itself to my hope that my words and utter honesty will reach some of with laughter and a sense of "yes, been there." I will write about my observations be they human in nature or my daily steal, or just life as I see it from many different angles. As the new title suggest My Eyes Are Wide Open...I will cover life as I see it! Fiscal disasters, and a country without a budget are the current reality....more