Life on the Mountain

Wonderful morning on the mountain today.  Up early, got the hounds fed and watered, put the coffee on and hiked down the driveway to get the newspaper.  Have been sitting in my recliner contemplating future projects.  Tax return prep is inevitable  for this month and I really will feel guilty working on any fun stuff until I get that necessary evil under control and the yearly monkey off my back.  I really do feel like I have been "set free" when I get through!!  Some items on my list: continuing on setting up my space to work on pro...more

I Need Furniture before Christmas!!!

We said good bye to our old green sectional sofa last night.  Now we have a dilemma of no seating in the den (left front parlor in old house speak) and a passel of relatives coming for Christmas Eve.  Being thriftily minded, we have been considering two similar styled couches at a local consignment shop.  I hate being forced to a decision though. This is one of them.