Consistency: Doing Math in the Saddle.

 Consistency is a great aid but do you know how it actually works? There’s an analogy I heard decades ago that has stuck with me. It involves bank accounts....more

One Critical Aspect Your Small Business Social Media Plan Might Be Missing

There are so many things to think about and remember when it comes to getting started with a social media plan for your small business....more

Why I want my son to see me fail

When I was pregnant, I read lots of articles telling me that being consistent...more

Forty Five Times!!

Forty-five times little girl has climbed out of her co-sleeper tonight.  And 45 times I have immediately picked her up and put her back in.  This is my little girl to a tee.  She practices a skill till she gets it.  She's physically rugged.  And she's almost one and a half.  She's starting to test out the world in a new way and it includes more hugs and cuddles and books and helping out around the house, but also some tenacious sassiness.  And tonight, she REALLY wants to go hop in bed with brother....more
I am grinning from ear-to-ear here, reading. Ahh, the memories... My three children are all ...more

Parenting with Love, Consistency, and Expectations - Not Manipulation, Bargaining or Fear

So, the other night at bedtime, I totally biffed it and got caught up in the world of manipulation and calling bluffs.It was bedtime and little girl, newly transitioned from our bed to brother's room, still needed me in the room to fall asleep.  Little boy gets a bit distracted by his sister on occasion who plays stand up and flop down games and blows kisses and other things siblings do at bedtime....more

Bedtime for the Kiddos and I'm Not Feeling The Love

It's bedtime and both children are sobbing.  Well, little boy is sobbing with a plaintiff cry saying, "Mommy, I'm crying.  I want water.  I'm crying".  Little girl is just standing and screaming - really loud.  I go through the mental checklist:  Injured, feverish, teething, constipated or just plain old tired?...more

5 Steps for Using an Egg Timer to Improve your Financial Health

If you find yourself feeling totally overwhelmed when it comes to the thought of organizing your personal finances, then fear no more because this post is being written just for you....more

10 Minutes

I wish I had a sense of how many times I'd done any of the following:...more

I haven't--I'd heard of it, but had honestly kind of forgotten about it. I will definitely ...more

First Run of the Week

The week before last, I didn't go running until Wednesday.Last week I went running for the first time on Thursday.This week, my first run was yesterday.  I ran again today, and I plan to run tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.  Even if I miss one of those days, I can still get in a solid four days of running, and not have to try to cram mileage in over two or three days because that's all I have left in the week....more

Start Saving

Having a little money stashed away gives you breathing room, freedom and choices. Especially when it is hard to pay the bills. Although it is difficult it can be done (really) and the benefits you give yourself are well worth it. One effective way to save is to open a new savings account, in your name only. Next, start automatic transfers (bi-monthly or monthly) from the account your income is deposited into to your new savings account. Choose the amount wisely and keep it low and realistic. ...more