Soccer Mom or Kidnapper

One of the really fun things about being a writer is having a great imagination. As with so many things, the great thing is also a terrible thing, and that holds true for having a great imagination as well. I can vividly imagine what it will be like when I sell my first book, or the places I will travel as a writer, or what the life would have been like 800 years ago when I sit on a hillside in England.I can also imagine, in vivid detail, what might happen when the client that I've never met, and whose house I am on the way to, turns out to be a kook....more

Best Networkers Go Where Others Won’t Go

Yesterday I met with a successful executive coach that is starting to explore opportunities of expanding her business. She was sent to me by a trusted colleague and notable networking expert.  The typical goal of these meetings are to learn about our respective businesses and then make introductions or provide advice on how to reach new clients....more

The Money Mirror: People Value What They Pay For

Do you routinely, and for no rational reason, charge less than fair market value for your products or services?  Do you take less so someone, less than or equally entitled, can have more?   Do you accept gifts or compliments graciously? ...more

Ouch that stings! I'm so glad you're sharing this with other return to work ...more

Are You Unhappy in Your Job?

Top Tips from BlogHer '09: "Business of You" Part I

So, you've taken a break from the daily grind and said good-by to your 9-5 job. You're ready to jump into the "business of you".  And if you're like many of the attendees who participated in the BlogHer '09 conference, you're probably blogging about your new ventures or sharing the stories of "you" with the world.   ...more

Need a Hero? 'Miracle on Hudson’ Pilot C.B. "Sully" Sullenberger also a Small Business Owner Helping Other Enterprises

The US Airways pilot who brought a jet down safely into New York’s Hudson River earned a reputation for safety before he saved all 155 people aboard the damaged plane.  When Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger is not flying commercial aircraft, he serves as president as a safety consulting firm.  The former fighter ...more

The 5 Stages of Coping with the Recession - Shock, Assessment, Plan, Support, Rebuild

The current recession and the ensuing loss of jobs and financial insecurity can be very scary, if not devastating, especially given the size and scope of this economic downturn. ...more

Pay Me My Money (When I've done the Work)

One of my pet peeves about doing facilitation and training is that I generally don’t get paid on the day I’ve done the workshop even when I’ve been promised the payment on delivery. In the past month – two clients didn’t pay me.  One "forgot to put in the check request." The other left the check on her desk and couldn’t get into her office on the weekend when the workshop was. ...more

Site Review - Grand Opening of EH Virtual Assistant Services

A new highlight of my Blog will be featuring and offering site reviews of WAHM (Work-At-Home Mom) eBiz ventures. I would like to try to offer a “Best Of WAHM Site Award” Banner to a WAHM who’s site has been featured. It’s great to see so many young women taking the plunge and becoming business owners and self-employed. This was essentially not an option when I was younger! I’d like to start out by letting you know about a young, WAHM who is venturing into the Virtual Assistant services field. ...more