How to Plant a No-Fail Container Garden

Do you want to make simple, easy container gardens that wow? I am often complimented on my flower containers and asked about how to make them....more
AmyGreene Hi Amy, Yes, I love looking at all of the flowers on porches in my neighborhood.more

Container Gardening City Style

Gardens & Greenery City Style Spring has arrived in full force and with it blooms, blossoms, grass, greenery, flowers and foliage. Aahhh, I love it. After a long, cold and gray Zone 5 winter - this is our reward.  ...more

Instant Charm with Widow Boxes

Want something that will make you smile every time you come home?  The instant charm of window boxes brimming with flowers does the trick.  I've long been a fan of window boxes, and I first used them to add even more charm to my old brick home years ago.  They add color and style, and they can turn an otherwise dull home facade into a real head-turner.  Talk about curb appeal!...more

Container Gardening: 5 Things You Need To Know!

1. Choose the right soilTo create a successful container garden, it is important that the right potting soil is selected....more

The Wee Garden Experiment

To eat healthy, that's what I want... But how to accomplish this, was the problem.  More and more info comes out every day, about the hazards of the foods we are putting into our bodies.  GMOs, pesticides, livestock that are injected with hormones... I start to wonder, am I actually eating healthy... Maybe not....more

Part-Time Gardening

      It is Memorial Day weekend, the first holiday weekend of Summer! How are you spending your weekend? Are you a weekend garden warrior - even on a holiday weekend? Starting a new project on your patio? On your deck? Or in your backyard? Are you cultivating a flower, herb, or vegetable garden?...more

Veggies Are Only Skin Deep

 (ed. note: The full vegetable list can be seen at

Greening my thumbs

Though I'm not really a green thumb, for many years I've wanted to have a small container herb garden. Unfortunately (or should I say unsurprisingly), one thing didn't lead to another and I never actually got around to planning or growing one. ...more

Desert Rose Apocynaceae

How To: Salad Box

A few weeks ago, while catching up on my daily news via Flipboard, I came across an article on how to make salad tables and salad boxes. ...more
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