MzLimitless Chooses to Eat & Live Green in 2011 and Beyond

Mz. Limitless has been away from BlogHer for some time. I'm back with updates from my newest blog creation: Eat & Live Green. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner Make sure you subscribe to get all the latest updates, news, and posts from Eat & Live Green: Organic Living Simplified.Mz.

love your mother, eat your yard

As an Earth Day special edition (yes, I know Earth Day isn't until tomorrow, but I wanted to give you time to read and plan), I thought I'd run with the recycling thing. So, rather than rewriting something you already know about saving the earth, I decided to recycle electrons and send you links to sites that are doing more than I ever could....more


A few weeks ago my dad gave me 3 cucumber plants along with a huge planter to put them in. My dad has always had a garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, corn and other yummy vegetables. I do not. I am not found of yard work much less gardening. Add in that I am horrible at keeping plants alive, something about that pesky watering them I just can't seem to get down, and you can see why I don't generally waste my time with something that will just die anyways....more

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts from Bitches on a Budget

Mother's Day is right around the corner and we're here to help with five simple ideas she's sure to love. 1. Herbs ...more

Got a Balcony? Grow Your Own Fresh Food in 2010!

My balcony garden makes me proud though all it produces is chard, since I've managed to serial kill all the herbs. The sunny SoCal weather has my chard plants -- which I planted in May -- feeding me through the winter, but I have a problem: I want more chard! This is what I have now (I just harvested): ...more

Thanks for all the info! I have a large garden but want to supplement it with container ...more