Not All Content Is Created Equal: The Argument for Content Optimization

Is content still king? Well, 90 percent of businesses say they use content marketing as a primary tool for generating leads, so that’s pretty telling. But that doesn’t mean they’re doing everything right.Against a landscape of mass mobile migration and constantly-updated Google search algorithms, producing killer content – the kind that draws in, engages, and converts the right audience – has gotten a whole lot more complicated. Here are some tips for ensuring your content serves you well.Quality as well as quantity...more

6 Twitter Fails You May Be Making

Some people love Twitter, and others just don't get it and quit before they ever gave the site a real chance. I fall into the first group — it's my favorite social media site. Looking through some of the tweets that go out on a daily basis, I think I understand why so many give up. They don't understand how to Tweet effectively in order to turn it into a useful tool. If you're using Twitter for your business or to promote your blog, I invite you to take a look at how you're using it on a daily basis in case you're making some of these very common mistakes. ...more
lyndalippin Which means... they're not! LOL!more

PlayBuzz - Free Fun Blog Content and Interactive Content Creation Platform

Any blogger is famillar with blogging successes like BuzzFeed and Upworthy and we all wish we could have even 1% of the traffic and user engagement levels they do. So what's the secret? How do they do it?...more

New year. Revised definition of happiness.

Remember when we were very young and thought “happy” was our birthright?  As the years went on, we’d do a lot of things just to get some of that.  Today I think “content” or “peaceful some of the time” will suffice. I don’t think of these as compromises, but rather as more likely-sustainable states of mind....more

My Heart is Not in Stuff

 The Joy of Mothering...more
oh, yes everyone is out and safe and you have time to get 5 things, I completely forgot about, ...more

Content Marketing Leverage System: How to Multiply Your Reach

What is the one core activity your business model won’t survive without? If you were to stop doing this one thing, your business would come to a halt? Even if you diligently stay “busy” working on all the other “busy” things on your to-do list? Chances are you are in an information business of sorts. Whether it’s a parenting blog, an online bookstore, a real estate business, a pool business – you name it; information/content is the one thing that could make or break your business. Every time I stopped churning out regular content, my traffic and affiliate sales plummeted. Eve...more

Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of Writing

Whether you're writing articles for publication or copy to promote your business, you may be committing these seven deadly "sins" in your writing. Here's an explanation of each sin as it relates to writing, along with links explaining each sin in more depth and offering tips to avoid them. ...more
very good and informative article.  Well done.more

Response to "Running out of things to blog"

Nancy HinchliffThis post is in response to the following questions posted by A bit backwards:   "Can one person really produce creative/thought-provoking/worthwhile/carefully edited content every single day - or even every other day for that matter? Am I cut out for this? So much be a successful need to write something - anything -as often and consistently as you can."Also for Taysmom27 who is having trouble coming up with things to blog about....more
@alekhouse Because of your post, I now have so many ideas for future blogs. Though I will admit ...more