We All Work To Be Happy, But Are We Happier Being Content?

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.Great. 52 percent of us just clapped.But how many of us are telling the truth? ...more

How to go from Poor to Rich in One Day

If you had to classify yourself as high, middle, or low income, where would you put yourself? What’s you’re immediate thought? What steps would you take to go from poor to rich?...more

There is No Utopia

These last 2 years have been some of the hardest in my life. I have been mentally and emotionally drained, and stripped down to my very core of whats really important.We decided 3 years ago that we wanted to move somewhere other than our hometown. For many different reasons, but mainly just to experience somewhere new. Not many people get to experience a fresh start. We had had issues with family members, hated the gray weather 10 months out of the year and wanted some property. So thus started our search for Utopia....more

Why I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses

 I see it on Facebook. I see the pictures of “A day out shopping with the girls!” or “My new toy!” as someone shows off their new boat. ...more

Single is Not Code for “Please, Set Me Up” + 5 Truths About My Single Life

This single, attractive woman struggle is too real.Hear me out, folks....more

When Walking With Rose Colored Glasses Gets Treacherous

So the mister and I have been doing some renovations in our home. For most couples this can be a tense process; as basically everything you own becomes covered in dust and the tasks that you thought would only take an hour start feeling insurmountable. I'm not gonna lie, I'm vaguely handy so I wasn't entirely surprised when Sir called me out on not pulling my weight. It'd be one thing if I was just hopelessly clueless about what I should be doing or where to start but I can figure it out. I'm just lazy and thought I could get away with it....more

Start Your Day By Filling Your Soul Cup

How do you start your day? Do you have a routine?I don’t have much of a routine. I usually try to shower before The Little One wakes up. Most of the time I succeed.Other than that, sometimes I go outside and water the garden or just sit on a blanket. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I turn on the news or America’s Next Top Model if it happens to be a marathon day. Sometimes I help my husband get out the door for work. Sometimes I just sleep until the baby wakes....more

Is it Okay to NOT Want to be Famous?

In our fame-obsessed society, where mothers push toddlers into tiaras, and fathers thrust sons onto sports teams of every kind, is it okay to be content with NOT being famous? To be happy with NOT being the starting quarterback or the beauty pageant queen? Is it acceptable to admit to enjoying life in the realm of Runner-Ups? Image: Tawny Rockerazzi via Flickr ...more
deja vu......where i am from everybody is a star......it's nice to hear there are still content ...more

201 Things That Make Me Happy

For several years now I've maintained my own personal Happy List, first to acknowledge and affirm and then to remind myself of life's beauty, richness, and blessings. I hope that by sharing some of the items on my list I will inspire you to slow down for a few minutes and think about the things in your own life that bring you joy and contentment, and perhaps even create and maintain a "Happy List" of your own. 201 Things That Make Me Happy ...more