Should we look at theft a different way?

The historic castle, Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, otherwise known as the Tower of London, is built on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. The river can cover the low-lying area outside the walls at high tide. Many overseas visitors are drawn to the area every year, but not all the tourists are there to gawk at the splendor....more

Whose Digital Files Are These, Anyway?

When I’m not writing blog posts for Chicago Web designers, you can often find me behind a camera. I’m not a professional photographer by any means – just a girl with an expensive hobby. But when I noticed that a number of photos a friend and I had taken at a local restaurant had somehow made their way to the restaurant’s business website, I knew something was wrong. Our names were credited at the bottom of each Web page, but the fact remained that no one had asked permission to use our photos on the site....more
 @alexash Thanks for your comment. Too many people think the Internet is a free-for-all, which ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 25: Lighting a Fire (on Stealing my Content)

This is an excerpt from Lighting A Fire ...more
I'm new to this site. I'm also a bereaved mommy who was a writer and journaler longer before we ...more

Plagiarism on the Web: Emotional Reactions to Content Theft

Imagine finishing off a very emotional post, connecting to community and releasing all of those thoughts by hitting publish. And then imagine finding your words recopied -- stolen -- on another site. The daily scraping performed by bots can be side-stepped by publishing a partial feed, but there is nothing to stop another person from hand-copying your posts, changing a few names, and then creating a fictional life, cannibalized from numerous blogs on the Internet. Which is what over 20 bloggers discovered when they found such a site at the end of last week. ...more
 @yafacio it does come back around.  Years ago I had a successful small manufacturing business, ...more