Kissin' the Cook Blog Hop Giveaway (lots of prizes)


Win A Free Key Chain At Sweetbearies Art Workshop

Over on Sweetbearies Art Workshop I am running a free key chain giveaway.  Do you like key chains, and would you like one that would help you remember where you put your keys? I am doing a key chain giveaway promotion on my blog as a way to generate more interest in my Zazzle store. Anyone who wants to win a free key chain is welcome to participate. Below is an example of some of the free key chains I will be including with the contest. ...more

Healthy Snack Food Competition enter here!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Healthy Snack food Competition, sponsored by OXO. If you enter, you have a chance to win the following items.SKUProduct Name...more

Don't Forget the Blog Contest!

Only 9 more days to enter!CLICK HERE for guidelines!If you don't want to enter, then pleas...more

Nescafe® Memento™ Review and Giveaway!

I’ve been fortunate to attend a few different blogging events including BlogHer ’12 back in the end of summer. It’s a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and to learn more about various brands. Nescafe® Memento™was there and I was instantly drawn to them. After all, they were showcasing a coffee product!I was given the opportunity to sample Nescafe®   Memento™ which only hit the shelves this past September ’12. It was a treat! Perks:...more

HotMoviesForHer’s 3rd Annual Happy Spanksgiving Kinky Contest!

Happy Spanksgiving! Can you believe that it's really that time of year again? I swear, 2012 is flying by at double speed! With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, we thought that it would be the perfect time to gush about all the great things we are grateful for - like I know I am so thankful that I get to spend my workday sitting next to the fantastic Ginger Leigh! I'm also quite grateful for cupcakes, cookies and anything with sugar, really. ...more

2012 Bloggyhood Awards

Show your favorite mommy blogger some love! Nominate her for the 2012 Bloggyhood Awards! The mommy blogger with the most nominations gets a $10 Target Gift Card (among other things), and the runner-up gets a $5 Target Gift Card.Nominate here:

Lovely handmade Christmas Wreath Giveaway!!

Lovely handmade Christmas wreath....Enter to win....Hurry deadline is December 1,2012!newsletter/cejx  Anna Marie...more

The Illuminating Blogger Award: Should You Be The Next Nominee?

Hi there! I was just nominated for The Illuminating Blogger award and now have to pick 5 other bloggers for nominees. Would you like to be considered for the award? Check out my recent post to get in on the action! The Illuminating Blogger Award: Should You Be The Next Nominee?  <3 Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life...more