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Pay It Forward!

I visited one of my favorite blogs, Word Strumpet, over the weekend and found that Charlotte was having a contest. The first three commenters would win a prize (either a half-hour writer’s coaching session or a manuscript critique). ...more

Bath Time For Babies

When our kids were newborns, I hated bath time. I was scared. In my eyes, water plus baby equaled danger. I wouldn't bathe them unless another adult was around. As a result, the kids sometimes went more than a week without a bath. But it didn't really matter. They weren't all that dirty. And besides, "baths dry out the skin," I rationalized. ...more

I think that this is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard of before in my life. U ...more



Kathy Kaehler, Hanes/Kids and Contest

Kathy Kaehler, mom to three boys, and personal trainer to many moms including celebrities, has teamed up with Hanes to share wonderful tips to incorporate fitness into everyday living. Parents with kids of all ages benefit by enforcing activities that require movement. What family activities keep everyone moving in your household? To participate in the $50.00 Gift Certificate contest, head over to Go Workout Mom and leave a comment or link from your blog. ...more

Women 2.0 - Where are the Women-Founded Startups?

Where are the women-founded startups? Chris Shipley, Executive Director of DEMO, points out the painful lack of women founders who try to launch at their events. DEMO is the premiere semi-annual conference for launching tech products. Out of the 30 web startups I have profiled since January 2008 for Pinoy Web Startup, a tech blog that features web techologies from the Philippines and Asia, I've listed less than 5 women principals. ...more

$20 Amazon gift certificate up for grabs!

Winter. There’s something special about all that snow and ice, but that specialness wears off sometime after the holidays when there’s nothing but small celebrations like Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s days to look forward to. The gloom can settle in, making it hard to see what’s just so special about the everyday. Break out of the gloom with me. Read on for more information about a contest I'm running for a $20 Amazon gift certificate!... ...more

Last Chance for Ethnos and 25 Books!

The end of the year approaches, and so does the end of Ethnos submissions and our 25 Books project. tar This week is your last chance to submit writing on ethnicity and race for our second anniversary issue. We are particularly in need of art submissions! ...more

Win a holiday gift basket of children's books

Little, Brown and Company have given me a basket of books to give away to one of my readers at my blog, A Readable Feast. If you have children ages 0-6, there are some wonderful books including Toot & Puddle: Let It Snow and The Cranium Ultimate Book of Fantastic Fun & Games. Feel free to keep the books for yourself, or donate them to a teacher, library or your children's school. ...more

Getting Families to Cook and Eat Healthier Together - Join our contest

The new books by Missy Chase Lapine and Jessica Seinfeld have generated a lot of enthusiasm about getting our families to eat better. But rather than focus on how to hide healthy foods from our children, now seems as good a time as any for families to learn how to bring the kids INTO the kitchen to learn about healthy eating and to help cook the family meal. Visit our blog to learn more about What's Cooking Weekly, our service that helps families cook and eat well together. Register to win a free 6-month subscription! ...more