The free gas has been won!

There are two winners for the free tank of gas. They are Linda and Marcia from New York. If you are Linda or Marcia, please email to advise of where you would like the checks sent. Congratulations!!! ...more

When Encyclopedia Google just doesn't have the answers

I am all about answering honestly when kids have questions. I can try to “pad” the answers when I think the answer might honestly be out of the realm of comprehension or appropriateness, but honest nonetheless. There have been a couple of “You’ll have to ask your father about that one” speeches, but I’m pretty ok with answering the questions when they come.  Then comes the one you just CAN’T answer.  Nathaniel – Hey, you’re still peeling ...more

1st Birthday Blog Bash at Lipstick to Crayons - Come Join the Party!

      Lipstick to Crayons is having a First Birthday Celebration Blog Bash! ...more

Another Chance to Focus on the Music and Win Free Gas, iTunes, and Apple iPod Nanos!

So Kim and Seana, those two music-loving Ford-focus-travelling- Sync-using singer songwriters have assembled all their travel adventure videos at a giant Kim and Seana YouTube video page (, and have offered our readers another chance to win some more cool prizes. ...more

Win 4 pairs of BabyLegs

Post a comment - win 4 pairs of organic BabyLegs! Check out our blog this week, post a comment and you are automatically entered in our contest to win 4 pairs of organic BabyLegs. There will be two winners this time! Winners will be notified via email Friday morning. BabyLegs are like leg warmers, they keep little legs warm, protect them from scrapes while crawling and are so convenient for diaper changes. ...more

Pay It Forward!

I visited one of my favorite blogs, Word Strumpet, over the weekend and found that Charlotte was having a contest. The first three commenters would win a prize (either a half-hour writer’s coaching session or a manuscript critique). ...more

Bath Time For Babies

When our kids were newborns, I hated bath time. I was scared. In my eyes, water plus baby equaled danger. I wouldn't bathe them unless another adult was around. As a result, the kids sometimes went more than a week without a bath. But it didn't really matter. They weren't all that dirty. And besides, "baths dry out the skin," I rationalized. ...more

I think that this is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard of before in my life. U ...more

Kathy Kaehler, Hanes/Kids and Contest

Kathy Kaehler, mom to three boys, and personal trainer to many moms including celebrities, has teamed up with Hanes to share wonderful tips to incorporate fitness into everyday living. Parents with kids of all ages benefit by enforcing activities that require movement. What family activities keep everyone moving in your household? To participate in the $50.00 Gift Certificate contest, head over to Go Workout Mom and leave a comment or link from your blog. ...more