Wafu® Contest

 To the lucky winner will go these products from Wafu®.  All you have to do is place a Comment at the end of this post that says EXACTLY THE FOLLOWING (copy + paste).......more

Five Days of Giveaways!

It's gonna be a great five days!  From January 1-5 you can visit the blog and leave a comment for a chance to win some fabulous stuff!  Come on over and see today's preview post. ...more
What a lovely blog full of amazing work! I'm glad I stumbled upon your page in my browsing =D ...more

I kinda almost won a prize, but then didn't

When I entered NaBloPoMo I knew there were prizes. Though that's not the reason for my taking on the challenge, it still was a sweet bonus to "possibly" look forward to. There are different prizes being awarded on a daily basis but I never expected to be chosen. So, I was thrilled when I saw this e-mail last night: "NaBloPoMo Prize - Congratulations! You won the Saturday Professional Blogging for Dummies NaBloPoMo prize from BlogHer!"   Woohoo! I won something....more
@sassymonkey Yea, I knew it was a Quebec government issue and not strictly related to American ...more


Hi All,I am hosting called Christmas_NewYearEve2011 . I am inviting all the special people, who could bake an eggless cake and send me their recipe.It has got 2 prizes event winner and a slogan winner.Bake a cake and send me the recipe.Thanks,Hema....more

I'm on the YOUTUBES!

I filmed a video last night. A video blog post so to speak. Stay tuned til the end ;) ...more

New Charity Video Contest!

This post is a compact version of the one on  my blog, ApplaUSe For A Cause; ...more

Happy Spanksgiving Kinky Contest – Win a Neon Wand Electrosex Toy!

Happy Spanksgiving!  Though we can hardly believe it, November is back again, bringing the most thankful time of year back to us.  We here at HotMoviesForHer are seriously thankful for so many things, including getting a paycheck to write about dirty movies and testing out more dildos than we know what to do with…  I know I am especially thankful that Ginger Leigh joined the HM4Her team, and that a few times a week (at least), we go get chocolate together in the afternoon.  What?...more

Today is my birthday… dah duh duh duh duh… it’s YOUR birthday too, y’all Giveaway!

Wow, I cannot believe I’m 37 today! I mean, technically I’m 36 until 3:37 this afternoon but for the sake of semantics, we’ll go ahead and refer to me as being the big 3-7! I swear there are moments when I feel what 16 was supposed to feel like (you know, world is full of promise, a box of chocolates and all that jazz) but didn’t when I actually was 16.  I certainly don’t feel 37 and I really, really hope I don’t look 37.  If I do, lie to me and do the whole “Wow you don’t look a DAY over 32!...more

Parents of Kids K-12 with Asthma - CONTEST REMINDER

There are two days remaining to sign up to win a $2,500 savings bond for your K-12 child with asthma and a $5,000 grant for their schools to help improve asthma care and prevention.   More details about the contest and how you can sign up, check out my blog link at   ...more