Dancing Behind the Scrim

Because birth stories come in many varieties........ ...more
Beautiful. Simply beautiful!more

Love Day Contest!

Win these Valentines Hearts! I was sitting here this morning pondering all the things I could blog about and a thought literally jumped into my mind and stuck. I don't know if any one else ever has that happen and then they begin to obsess about it, or if I'm the only crazy one in the room right now. I just realised V-day is coming up! Yup, the day of all things love, and I have no idea what I am doing!...more

Ready for a New Challenge

Last year was all about learning how to live gluten-free, avoiding the common pitfalls of accidental glutenings and how to heal myself through food. Even though I did not make a New Years resolution this year, I feel like I am ready for a new challenge....more

Wafu® Contest

 To the lucky winner will go these products from Wafu®.  All you have to do is place a Comment at the end of this post that says EXACTLY THE FOLLOWING (copy + paste).......more

Five Days of Giveaways!

It's gonna be a great five days!  From January 1-5 you can visit the blog and leave a comment for a chance to win some fabulous stuff!  Come on over and see today's preview post. ...more
What a lovely blog full of amazing work! I'm glad I stumbled upon your page in my browsing =D ...more

I kinda almost won a prize, but then didn't

When I entered NaBloPoMo I knew there were prizes. Though that's not the reason for my taking on the challenge, it still was a sweet bonus to "possibly" look forward to. There are different prizes being awarded on a daily basis but I never expected to be chosen. So, I was thrilled when I saw this e-mail last night: "NaBloPoMo Prize - Congratulations! You won the Saturday Professional Blogging for Dummies NaBloPoMo prize from BlogHer!"   Woohoo! I won something....more
@sassymonkey Yea, I knew it was a Quebec government issue and not strictly related to American ...more


Hi All,I am hosting called Christmas_NewYearEve2011 . I am inviting all the special people, who could bake an eggless cake and send me their recipe.It has got 2 prizes event winner and a slogan winner.Bake a cake and send me the recipe.Thanks,Hema....more

I'm on the YOUTUBES!

I filmed a video last night. A video blog post so to speak. Stay tuned til the end ;) ...more

New Charity Video Contest!

This post is a compact version of the one on  my blog, ApplaUSe For A Cause; ...more