Continuing Ed

This weekend I took my very first cooking class at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education). The morning of class I packed up my snack, notepad and pen, kissed the kids goodbye and off to school I went. I don’t know which I was more excited for, the class or the childfree time I would be spending on the train into the city. Thirty-five whole minutes to read a magazine with no one asking me “Are we there yet?”...more

Terrific Tuesday -Raising the Bar with Continuing Education

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific to raise the bar with continuing education....more

Love, love, love online college!

I have to brag a little about how I'm doing in my online college. Every so often I go into the report section to see how my grades are against my classmates. So far I am getting 100% in every section from participation to journal entries and the like. I've been 'in class' for four (4) weeks now and am enjoying most of it.However, there is a part of it I do not like and probably never will. It's reading my classmates posts and figuring out how to respond to at least two (2) of them for four (4) days, plus answer the discussion questions (known as DQs)....more

HOORAY! I finally get to start attending college online starting Monday, May 23rd!

So, I finally have my list of courses for my first year of my four year college. My first two courses are UNV103 and UNV104 - they are - in order: University Success - 5/23 - 7/11 (an online course designed to help me succeed in my journey to my degree) and 21st Century Skills - Communication and Information Literacy - 7/11 - 8/28.Each course is 8 weeks long and worth 4 credits each. I take one course at a time so I don't feel overwhelmed and I have an entire week to work on my assignment which is due on Sunday by midnight Arizona time....more

UBC-Okanagan Continuing Studies: Balance

Tomorrow I look forward to teaching a blogging workshop from 9 until 12 at UBC in Kelowna. One of the benefits to teaching these classes is that I meet really interesting people. Some make room in their lives for learning, growth, challenge. The ability to place oneself into a situation where he or she doesn't "know" everything is a real gift. So often life becomes at the same time overwhelming and monotonous. All is the same and a person can numb out washing the dish for the 20,000th time, or sweeping the same trail of grass clippings from the door to the kitchen....more

Collecting College Credits

Collecting credits. That’s how I have come to refer to what I seem to be doing in regards to getting that danged elusive college degree. You see, I’ve “started taking college classes” roughly a million times since graduating high school over a decade ago. Started majoring in Biology, then switched to Psych because I got all A's without even trying. Then I started adding Art History, then Literature, then Religion, and now I have absolutely no idea what kind of a degree I may end up with! ...more

Thinking About Going Back To College?

Going back to college.  Is it a question or a statement in your life?  Just about every woman I know has either considered it or actually enrolled.  Some of my friends participate in degree programs and others participate in "continuing education" classes and seminars at our local community colleges and universities.In Janene White's paper, Adult Women in Community Colleges, she writes about the increase of adult women enrollment in community colleges.  In it she cites m ...more