How Birth Control Pills Turned Me Into A Mad Woman

In 5th grade I remember sitting around the playground during lunch and watching all of the girls compare feminine products. They all carried their own maxi-pads and tampons in their purses. I carried a kickball in my backpack. I didn't understand why they were all so giddy about having their period. In high school, the same thing happened. Girls shared their thoughts on tampons and which ones were better than others. They hated their cramps and bloating. Once again I had nothing to share. By my senior year I still period free and I was happy for that....more
They ramp up my anxiety, horribly. Gah, I hate them!more

The War Being Waged Against Knowledge and Female Autonomy

Rush Limbaugh's so-called apology isn't an apology at all. It's a way to move the limelight away from his evident bias, except he fails when this this bias crops up again in the second paragraph of his statement, in which Limbaugh disregards, once again, the many other uses for contraceptive pills, and dismisses women's concerns outright as something not worthy of being heard by the government. ...more
He's a fool, I think he most certainly did intend onĀ attackingĀ that girl. Everyone seems to ...more