Whoo-hoo! Septa, the South Eastern Philadelphia Transit Authority, avoided a strike on its’ railroads over the weekend.Really?President Obama put something into effect that a board, I guess kind of like mediators, that would hear both sides. Worse case scenario? Trains on strike when I am safely tucked in at Undisclosed Deux.I find it incredible that my union went forever without any wage increases, and the nation-wide temperature toward contract negotiations seemed to have an ” let’s KEEP our jobs” motto. The folks on the train are so special....more

An Engagement Ring is not a Gift

Did you know that 26 percent of all engagements occur at Çhristmas time? Tucked right in there with all the excitement, stress and partying of the holiday season, a man and woman decide to commit their future to each other....more

I cannot break my contract with myself

  This morning I signed a contract with myself that I will not do anything today that makes me perspire. The trash sits under the sink, the dog has to wait until dark to be fed.  It's 106 degrees with 70% humidity.  I had to swim to the mailbox just to get through the soggy airmass. I will subsist on frozen fruit pops and milkshakes today. Mother Nature

Contract Rangers

Breaking the Protocol Recently my company interviewed someone for an open contracting position. This person had already spoken by telephone to two employees a few days before. After the the in-person interview, one of the employees mentioned that the candidate had called her before, trying to set up the in-person interview himself. When the manager heard that, the candidate was immediately dropped from consideration. Why? The candidate broke Contracting Protocol. ...more

Author Cheryl Snell hits home run with manuscripts—twice

Most authors are glad to get a contract for one book. Cheryl Snell can celebrate getting two, and one of those contracts is a double deal, so technically, she hit three home runs. ...more