Kid Contracts

If anybody is like me then I am sure you are getting tired of saying, "No. Stop it. Listen. Hellloooooooo, seriously?!" a million times a day. It seems as if words go in one ear and out the other, which kind of sucks. I have tried Melissa and Doug charts, coin jars, alone time in rooms, you mention it and I've tried it and none of it has worked for me, exceptONE thing. Contracts!...more

Interview with Jennifer Reuting, CEO of DocRun

Every small business owner has the need to create legal documents of some kind. For startups the cost of hiring a lawyer for document creation can be cost-prohibitive. Many small and solo entrepreneurs decide to just wing it and hope for the best forgoing any formal legal review. DocRun hopes to help business owners for whom formal legal document preparation is out of reach. I had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with CEO and Founder Jennifer Reuting recently. Here's what she had to say about the inspiration behind DocRun. ...more

Playing Dumb - Players Responsibility During NFL Contract Talks

I am grateful the NFL contract talks are over. Not because I'm a big football fan by any stretch of the imagination...but because I was damn tired of watching players who earn tens of millions of dollars shrug their shoulders and play dumb. Last week all parties agreed to a 10-year contract to end the months long lockout. The agreement benefits all involved and drives home just what an insanely big business professional football is in the United States: ...more
Amen to that. Same can be said for the NBA and WNBA.... maybe not parity due to length of ...more

Terms of Service: These People Accidentally Sold Their Eternal Souls

Question: When was the last time you read more than "click here" on a terms of service contract before you actually accepted it? Never? Yeah, me either. Well, we are not alone. Fox News reports an April fool's joke by a British company called Gamestation giving it "a non transferable option to claim and for ever more, your immortal soul." ...more


Back in the olden days of my online dating ...more

Marriage – A Brief Historical Overview and Ideas On Going Forward

A long time ago I was a Deputy County Clerk for the County of Los Angeles. Part of my job was to issue marriage licenses. I think that was the best part of the job. There were specific tasks I had to perform, questions to ask and I watched as the couple swore or affirmed what they said was the truth. Sometimes I looked at a couple and thought “For the love of humanity dude, run, do not marry this chick!” or maybe “Hell, they don’t need a license, they are already married in their hearts.” ...more

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"If it so great and wonderful why are half the straight ...more