Trying to Control Your Life or Business - A Recipe for Stress

When you go out on your own as an entrepreneur it can feel freeing and overwhelming. Yet most of us have an indomitable spirit that no matter what we can take control, make it happen, and succeed. For some that takes the form of being overly controlling (can you say control freak?). It's understandable, right? After all part of why most of us go solo is to have more influence and control over our own success (or lack thereof). So it seems natural that we'd want to control things. This comes at a cost and can ultimately bring you down though. ...more

Walking to the Edge and Taking One More Step

I need a change. Getting a new hair style seems too mundane. Been there. Done that. So, I sold our family car. I took it to my friendly dealership and sold it. So now I am looking for a new set of wheels. I am tired of being a mini-van mamma. I want to go back to driving stick shift. I have been driving automatic cars for too long. I have been living my life on auto-pilot for too long. I miss the feel of the clutch and the gears shifting. I miss down shifting and power shifting. I miss having that kind of control. The house is next....more

Control and the Birthing Process

I think it is so important to know how little control we have over the birth process, as birthing women and as doulas. It hurts a little every time to have this lesson driven home. I think there is a secret belief that if we do everything right, like provide the correct support, use the correct remedies, say the magic words, we will be granted with our clients' births going wonderfully. We go around wondering "why?" when an outcome is not as we'd wanted, and fall into the pattern of wondering if there was anything else we could have done....more

It's Not About The Money

I once attended a workshop about money and the meaning of life. One of the exercises our group did was chew a brand new $100 bill. Most of us gagged. The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate that money – the thing itself – is neutral. Pieces of paper, diamonds, chunks of gold to which we assign a cultural worth have no direct value in nourishing us, keeping us warm, or sheltering us.  In this exercise, money even turned out to be disgusting....more

Single Mom in Control

I need to get up. This was my primary thought as I lay in bed in the fetal position this past Valentine’s Day, sick to my stomach over a very rich Love Day lunch that my stomach was rejecting in the most painful way possible....more

We Are Out of Control!!

      News Flash: I have no control over the stock market, gas prices, whether or not you keep reading this (though I hope you will), supermarket sales fliers, computer crashes or my future.    In case you were wondering.   There are some days I would really like to control at least the last two.  Today was one of those days.  I suppose it should be said here that most of the time I’m pretty ok with being out of control if you will.  I get that this is the case with nearly everyone in the general populace save a few world leaders, whom I’m pretty sure at least think they control the future, and on the grand world stage, maybe they do in part.  The rest of us must face that there is just not much we can guarantee will turn out like we envision.  What we worry about probably won’t materialize and what we hope for often exceeds our expectations.  ...more

A Daily Dare. A Lasting Challenge : No Buying Day!

I just realized how much USELESS stuff I  (or we for that matter) buy, consume or purchase daily, weekly, etc.  ...more

Control Freak: Tips for Safe and Happy Traveling with Kids

The Hesitant Step I have to admit I get a little panicky when it comes to flying, as I have mentioned in ...more