Women Ashamed of Financial Abuse

A woman contacted me recently asking what she could do to learn more about her marital finances. She explained that her husband became angry when she wanted to participate in financial decisions, teasing her she never had a head for numbers and asking her "Don't you trust me?" She was starting to feel hemmed in by his controlling behavior and wondered if I could help her....more

Financial Drama in a Book Store

In ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de St. Exupery, the little prince tells a man that he can’t linger but must get back to his own planet to feed his fox and water his flower. The man encourages him to stay, saying ‘the fox is wild and the flower will take care of itself’. The little prince answers, ”You become responsible for what you tame”....more

Is my spouse verbally abusive or controlling? I've reached the end of my rope.

After this weekend I decided it might help me if I started sharing the things my other half says to me that I question whether or not are abusive and/or controlling.  It’s really hard because he does have some good qualities and I tend, at times, to let those overshadow what I suspect are the not-so-good qualities.  I’m made to think that these things happen because of me.  In fact, I’ve been told “if you would just listen to what I tell you” or “if you would do what I tell you” or (and this one makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck) “if you wouldn’t talk back all th...more
Your story is so much like mine. If you look up "narcissistic" in the dictionary , you have my ...more

Financial Abuse is a Woman’s Problem

It's not a quirk. It's not protective. It's not loving. Checking your every purchase and not letting you have a say in financial decisions is a form of abuse. It's a desire to control the relationship and it can be a precursor to physical and emotional abuse. If you’re married and in a community property state, you are legally entitled to know what's happening financially in your marriage. Know your rights. ...more
@avflox It's sad that so many warning signs of potential financial abuse are evident in a ...more