Controversial? I Don't Think So!

Hail to Mothers, Women, and... Boobs.

I want to address some real issues about supporting Mothers in the USA: Women are viewed as: Objects Sex Objects Directly proportionate in "value" to their level of "fuckability" Public Prop...more

Why the pressure to get married?

 As a young lady I have found the pressure to become married and settle down with a family. Why? Take the last name of a man to keep him around? Get pregnant, raise kids, take care of him and try to establish a career? Why am I seen less of a woman if I am single and ready to mingle? Yes I know that there is a responsible way to fish out there in the sea, I am taking the precautions but at the same time why is it a complete shock if I tell a man that I am single....more

It's OK to use Jiffy Mix, Honey

I've had this post planned for days, mixing it around in my head, laying it all out. ...more

I can pick up a case for you at the commissary right before the conference, ...more

Prelude - Mommyblogging; Exploitation or Art?

For the past several months I have been fervently working on a piece about "Mommy-Bloggers", (are we all tired of that title?  Or are you still OK with it?), and the assertions that we exploit our children via either sharing personal stories about raising our children, (this can include day-to-day antics, habits, milestones, and just about any other thing you can think of that your ...more

Can I Get an Inhaler with that Dandelion?

Does this picture offend you? I really can't decide, so I want you guys to decide for me. [ok...not really] Whether you formula feed or breastfeed, you can't deny the superiority of breastmilk to formula. I'm not passing judgment. I'm not pointing fingers. I'm just stating a fact. From an advertising standpoint, this ad works...unless it pisses you off and then it's a failure. ...more

When I started writing that, I was pissed about a lobbist group having that much power. ...more