War and Fashion

“…the charming full skirts falling to just below the knee did suggest a decorous army wife in olden times…” I think the person at Style.com that commented on the Burberry Spring Summer 2012 doesn’t have a clue of an idea what it’s like to be an army wife. If someone you love is at the battlefield, you couldn’t possibly care about being ‘decorous’. ...more
And thanks for putting me on Blogher. I think I by now have had more people reading this ...more

Degrees of Flexibility


My Opinion Monday: The Great Grilled Cheese Debate

Friday’s Food Forum on Cook the Story was: In TIME Mag Ozersky writes that only moms, and certainly not the majority of short order cooks, can make a grilled cheese sandwich right. On the other hand, in Huff Post Pollak seems pretty darned excited about the innovative cheesy sammies that are staking a claim in San Fran. What do you think? Should the grilled cheese stay at home or should it take on the world?Here’s my opinion:...more
I know! Nothing like tomato soup with a grille cheese. @victorias_viewmore

Keeping Gender a Secret Based on a Book? How Long Will It Last?

I can imagine that'd be exhausting to try to hide the gender of your baby, yes, because it is almost the first question anyone asks. I sympathize with the couple to some extent -- it's true, as a culture we do expect very different things from boys and girls, some of us more than others. And even when you're aware of this and try not to impose silly and arbitrary expectations on your kids, you're still a product of your own social conditioning. You're also, however, a product of your biology....more

I guess the reason this doesn't sit well with me is because it's pretty clear -- at least from ...more

Family's Trademark of "Urban Homesteading" Sparks Debate

This week, a Pasadena, Calif. family sparked passionate debate within the food, gardening and farming communities when they asserted their right to the trademarked terms "Urban Homestead®" and "Urban Homesteading®." Urban farmers, supporters of the movement, food writers and others have loudly protested what they assert is a step across the line when it comes to protection of intellectual property and free expression. ...more

Urban Homesteading trademark was registered in Supplemental Register. It means that it is merely ...more

Morals and Ethics of Travel Photography: When Shouldn't You Take That Photo?

Ever find yourself in a situation where you want to snap a photo, but for some reason, you hesitate? Perhaps something about the subject or the situation doesn't feel quite right and after quick consideration, you turn off your camera. Or perhaps, despite feeling that it's wrong on some level, you go ahead and take the shot anyway. Later, you wonder if you maybe you shouldn't have and feel the tiniest bit of regret... or perhaps you don't look back or give it another thought. ...more
I've thought about this often on a much more simple level - when there are other children in the ...more

I Want the Freedom to Be Stupid...

"Being stupid is its own reward." ~UnknownI'll admit, we do live in the country with the most freedoms today.  I try to be grateful for that, but it's tough.  I look back on our Constitution and it both saddens and angers me as to what has happened to that wonderful document over the years.  We've lost sight of what it was supposed to do and mean for the American people....more

Is a Same Sex Union a Marriage?

There has been a lot of discussion about the legalization of same sex marriages.  My objection is the use of the word "Marriage".  To me, marriage is a traditional term for the joining of 2 people usually of the opposite gender under a religious or spiritual banner.  It was and is a legal relationship also, where traditionally in the past  the male worked and the woman stayed at home and took care of the family, the raising of the children and the home.  That was an old fashioned and traditional definition of a “marriage” and I believe is how the term originally cam ...more

Shoania, Bollywood aur Woh: some (weighty) reflections

Shoania, Bollywood aur Woh:  some (weighty) reflections  ...more