Girls Can't Be Girls: Canadian Women's Hockey Team Knocked for Drinking, Smoking on Ice

I love it that the Canadian women's hockey team celebrated their third straight Olympic gold win in the same way they scored it:  boldly, fiercely, with strength and camaraderie.  I hate it that they are getting grief for it. I hate it that they (or Hockey Canada, at least) felt they had to apologize. ...more

Yup-Bang on! You said it very well indeed.


The 7 C's of Why We Must Embrace Controversy to Change the World

I have the pleasure of speaking to each "class" of Progressive Women's Voices, an exciting program of the Women's Media Center, where I serve on the board. This started during the first class two years ago when I was asked about the lessons I learned leading a social movement where I worked a great deal with the media and messages as vehicles of social change. ...more

The problem with black faces and books

crossposted from What Tami Said Why would a young adult (YA) book about a black girl with feature ...more

Prelude - Mommyblogging; Exploitation or Art?

For the past several months I have been fervently working on a piece about "Mommy-Bloggers", (are we all tired of that title?  Or are you still OK with it?), and the assertions that we exploit our children via either sharing personal stories about raising our children, (this can include day-to-day antics, habits, milestones, and just about any other thing you can think of that your ...more

I voted against proposition 8, and I am very proud of it!

I voted 'No' on Proposition 8 on the recent election, and I am proud of my decision. I believe all individuals have the right to decide who they want to marry. Just to give a little background on Proposition 8, “Proposition 8 was a California ...more

Controversy (like Sex) Sells!

Don't believe it? Well just take a look at the recent headlines. The Sarah/Bristol Palin story is still getting media attention and filling up the blogosphere with endless opinions and counter-opinions. Why would a mother put her daughter in this predicament by agreeing to run for VP of the USA? Should Bristol marry her baby daddy? Whatever happened to the conservative Christian value of abstinence? ...more

Barack Obama takes on The View

Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama responded to an invitation from Barbara Walters to appear on The View this morning, taking on Republican Elizabeth Hasselbeck, while fielding questions from a sympathetic Joy Behar, Barbara and Whoopie Goldberg. ...more

Blogs & Family readers, will they mix?

I'm curious as to whether bloggers tell their families/friends/co-workers about their blogs or not. Has anyone had issues regarding family members reading their blogs and their reactions to the content? Do you end up censoring your posts due to the possibility of having a family member (boyfriend, boss, ex-wife, etc.) read them? ...more