Cabbies are the Salt of the Earth

In the northwest, and even Phoenix, hailing a cab to get around is not really that common. There are, of course, cabs that serve the areas but generally everything in Seattle and Phoenix is so spread out and far between it makes more sense to rent a car or steal a family member’s ride. ...more

It's Called Democracy

Yes, there have been protests in Minneapolis-St. Paul. I haven't seen too many where I've been, as I have mostly been inside the convention center blogging and tracking down people. ...more

C-Span is Following "Us" to the Conventions

A huge Media House has decided to follow (us) bloggers, twitters, podcasters and others to the conventions. C-Span has finally joined the social media community in a big way. They will be creating hubs for the Democratic and Republican conventions. Bloggers (Citizen Journalists) will have access to videos for embedding and a place to link to sources for the "on the ground" stories. ...more

Your awesome! It sounds like you are going out and representing us well. I will stay tuned and ...more

Can A Party Promoting "Change" Use Super Delegates?

Now that the American electorate has stirred from their long slumber, they have awakened to a few unsettling truths about the US political process. One of these truths is the use of the "Super Delegates". What are Super Delegates? Wikipedia defines them as: ...more

..And your title is the fundamental question. There have been some monumental missteps on the ...more

Joyce Meyer Purpose and Passion Women's Convention

Registration is now open for the 25th anniversary women's convention of Joyce Meyer Ministries. No men and no kids allowed! It is a weekend to renew and refresh your spirit in Christ and deal with the tough issues facing today's Christian women. Learn more about the convention and Joyce at ...more