Life is like a song, like Simon and Garfunkel's The Dangling Conversation."It's a still life water color, Of a now late afternoon, As the sun shines through the curtained lace And shadows wash the room."...more

Comment, Commentary, Conversation, Story

Since this blog is new and since my other blog has a regular schedule going. I thought I would do something fun to get started this month on making sure to blog here as often as possible too. I love writing because it gives me chance to share my thoughts, ideas,  stories, and life. For years I have been fascinated with National Novel Writing Month.  Or as it is loving referred to by those that tackle it, NaNoWriMo.   I have even tried it a couple of times.  Always petering out somewhere in the middle of the challenge....more

When Should I Expect a Call After a First Date?

How soon after a first date should I expect a guy to send me a text? I’ve had guys text me right after saying they had a good time and others go days before sending me even a hello. Should I say something at the end of each date to make sure they’ll contact me?...more

Dating for Dummies: Women’s Edition

It’s here! After numerous exciting conversations, great photo exchanges and fun IMs, you finally have a date with the guy you’ve been chatting with.All is looking good, and the build up to this point has been amazing. But now what? Your palms grow sweaty as you start to think about what to say, what to wear, and you start to create stories in your head about......more

I Met a Guy But he Doesn’t Speak my Language. Could it Ever Work?

Well the good news is that body language is the universal language of love.  In fact, upon first impression and getting to know someone, 90% of communication is nonverbal so what you say is not necessarily as important as the signals that are presented.So, when two people have chemistry such as with this man you are describing......more

Let's Talk About Race - Who I Am

I was invited to participate in a discussion about race and my views on it and who I am.  This essay is my contribution to the discussion, my thoughts on race and who I am as a black woman. Check out the whole discussion that is going on by visiting Rachee Fagg of Say it "Rah-Shay" where this discussion will be taking place with many other bloggers. For some people, race is a topic, something that comes up from time to time....more

He's Not Done Yet: A Conversation With An Old Man

Emphysema.  That's what it sounds like.  Guttural and painful and ocean-deep and eroded by the tide.  He coughs and it sounds like dying and the cracks in his face speak of nearly a hundred years and he won't let me carry the chair for him even though he shuffles so slowly and I'm sure, if I held my ear against his chest, I would hear the sounds of waves slapping the shore and seagulls squawking hoarse. ...more

The Name Badge Does Not Sell Your Business

At the close of a large entrepreneur event, a small business owner came up to the registration desk and offered a suggestion. He felt like his name badge should have more than a name. He wanted a badge filled with all his information: name, company, title, website, email and phone. Then, he would talk to more people and more people would talk to him....more

Are You Having a Conversation on Facebook?

In a new window, go open your Facebook account and bring up the news feed that contains people's status updates. And now let's do a little test with the top 10 statuses. Taking into account your relationship with the person, is their current status update an appropriate first line to a conversation? ...more
I suppose this is why I rarely post status messages on Facebook. I'll use it to share links or ...more

The Shrinking Blog Comment Section

There has been talk around the blogosphere about comments tapering off; where there were once vibrant conversations, there are now only a few people talking. And yet the same people report that their overall stats haven't fallen. Readership for the most part remains constant, but the discussion has tapered off, almost as if it has been sprayed with experimental perfume and we're witnessing the Incredible Shrinking Blog. ...more
I think reading on the phone isn't conducive to commenting sometimes also.  For us old ladies, ...more