The Five Safe Things Left To Talk About

What do you consider a safe yet intriguing topic for conversation? Does such a thing still exist? We seem to be living in a world so fraught, so divided, so tense and so eager to engage in belligerence instead of banter that we have more or less forfeited our willingness to address with respect and civility those whose opinions oppose ours....more

Using your true inside voice

My son is a talker. But, as we all know, there is a time to talk and a time for quiet. My husband and I are trying to teach him ways to identify when he should be quiet. One of those ways is by telling him that the conversation he is currently having is one that should only take place in his head....more

5 Easy Things To Talk To Your Mom About On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and most likely that means you're looking at some quality time with Mom (and maybe Grandma too!). Depending on your relationship with your family, this could be something you're looking forward to or something you'll have to navigate. It's possible you've got certain areas of conversation that you try to avoid. Maybe your mom loves to ask about when you're getting married, or maybe your mom always has questions about how your student loan repayment is going. No matter the reason, if you need other things to talk about, here are five ideas!...more

The Lost Art of a Two-Way Conversation

Did you ever try to talk with people who ask your advice, only to have them talk over you and negate every thought or tidbit you shared, or worse argue that what you are saying won’t work -  even if you are just chatting? Because hey you were sharing your thoughts per their request. I hate it when that happens. And listen, it’s not that I care if you take my advice or not - although I do care about you - it’s your need to shoot it down instead of just conversing. Graciousness is a good trait. ...more

The One Kindest Thing to Say to a Widow

There she is in the supermarket aisle, the park, ball field, event, sidewalk, work station, lunch room, church pew, exercise class, gas station. There she is.Thick as smoke, the air is filled with trepidation, an unknowingness of 'what to say to her'.Will she cry if you say something right or wrong? MaybeWill she remember you? MaybeWill she go into a long story about 'him' at a time you don't have the time to listen, yet will feel 100% obligated? MaybeWill this become a moment to do the kindest and most meaningful gesture in the face of your day? Maybe...more
Spot on and beautifully written, Carolyn.more

Dear Coffee Cup, Thank you for never talking back ...

“Thank you.”...more

What's Your Passion?: A Conversation to Have with the People You Care About

I came across this article yesterday and I think it is fantastic. You should read it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. …  It’s okay, take your time.  …  Good stuff, right? It was written by Alanna Rusnak....more

Let's talk!

 When I was a kid, sometimes my mom would overhear me asking friends, family, (people I just met), very personal questions....more


Life is like a song, like Simon and Garfunkel's The Dangling Conversation."It's a still life water color, Of a now late afternoon, As the sun shines through the curtained lace And shadows wash the room."...more

Comment, Commentary, Conversation, Story

Since this blog is new and since my other blog has a regular schedule going. I thought I would do something fun to get started this month on making sure to blog here as often as possible too. I love writing because it gives me chance to share my thoughts, ideas,  stories, and life. For years I have been fascinated with National Novel Writing Month.  Or as it is loving referred to by those that tackle it, NaNoWriMo.   I have even tried it a couple of times.  Always petering out somewhere in the middle of the challenge....more