Conversations With A Friend

 We met in college and became friends but not the best of friends. Years later we reconnected over the loss of an infant. A condolence call was placed and so began a dialogue that has continued for twenty-six years, through landlines, portable phones with telescoping antennae, nascent car phones and BlackBerrys to our current smart phones. ...more

How are babies made?

We were eating dinner in a Chinese restaurant when my son asked me how babies were made. I swallowed my mouthful of sweet-and-sour chicken and answered him with an age-appropriate summary of how sperm and an egg join together and then grown inside a woman's womb to make a baby....more

CRAZY PEOPLE.....STUPID TALK......WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?......You Never Know Who Is Listening....

STUPID TALK….CRAZY PEOPLE…..WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS LISTENING….Have you ever simply scratched your head in amazement at what comes out of some people’s mouths?…..I am not just talking about teenagers either….I am talking about grown adults who simply say some of the most ridiculous things….....more

Oh, The Things You Hear Driving the Carpool

You can learn a lot from driving a carpool. For instance, I've learned that a car full of kids may cause permanent hearing loss in a mere five minutes. Especially if they are yelling, "Do you like chili-ghetti?!?" at random strangers as we drive past, in a sort of non-scientific public opinion poll. You can also glean valuable information regarding which girls the boys "like" and who said something funny in class. This insider knowledge can then be used as leverage to get your boys to do their chores or be nice to one another! ...more
The kids walk home from school but I hear all sorts of gems on the walk home and during homework ...more

I'm dying to Connect with guys, I want Corpse Guy's Number!

Those of you following NaBloMoPo where this month's theme is Connect, well, let me say, I'm dying to connect with guys over interesting conversations.... It's hard to find guys you can have a decent conversation with besides replies that sound like grunts. So find me a guy who I can have interesting conversations with and I'm There!This will all make more sense as you get to the end of the post.... I think....  "I guess it depends on what you’re using them for...."  ...more

10 Conversations NOT to Have Around a Pregnant Woman

 Maybe I’m just being sensitive.Scratch that. I am DEFINITELY being sensitive....more

For Sale: Slightly Used 1968 Model M

For Sale: 1968 slightly worn out yet still in good condition Mom....more

Five Conversations You Should Have At BlogHer Food '12

In just a few days, all of us attending BlogHer Food '12 will gather in Seattle to meet new food blogger friends, reconnect with the people we haven't seen in awhile, and learn as much as we can in 48 whirlwind hours. There's going to be a lot of talking over the two days: presentations from the main dais at plenary sessions; chatting at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the event's parties; and conversations between panelists and the audience at the breakout sessions. ...more
What great points that I followed even though I read this post after the conference. I had no ...more

But the words got in the way

After my third trip to the hardware store, I decided to enjoy the unseasonably warm spring, while my husband, Marc, did tile work with his friend. I grabbed my book, and made myself comfortable on the beach. Eventually the weather shifted, becoming more seasonal and chilly.  As I exited the beach, Mike, my favorite security guard was doing his rounds, so I gave him a big hello. ...more
Well, I haven't recently said something like that, and I can't right off hand remember just what ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Take the Middle Road 3-25-12

Today’s focus: friendship, great conversations, and wonderful charm.In the event one of your friends or relationships takes an impulsive turn, maintain your practical side and be a good friend when asked, offering stability and grounded nurturing.Opposing Energies: fear, arguing, competitivenessThere can be a compulsion to dominate the conversation, ultimately drawing in conflict. More often than not, the conflict is within....more