Notes on a Waiting Room

Today I spent a decent portion of my morning in the waiting room of a lab at a medical facility.  Typically when I need such services, I go in the afternoon but today I was feeling especially energetic and decided to bravely take care of business this morning.  The waiting room was busier than I'd ever seen it.  Nearly every chair held the rear end of a patient or loved one waiting with them.  I signed in, sat down, and settled in for what was likely to be a bit of a wait.  ...more
I am one of those proud sandwich generations. Raising little children and caring for elderly ...more

Red, Rose, or Rude?

I was sitting in the manicure chair, when the twentyish girl entered the nail salon. The owner, who normally works the front desk, was in the other room. So, the manicurist who was polishing my nails greeted the girl, and asked what she needed.  Barely glancing her way, and taping her foot, she replied, “a manicure and a pedicure.”  “OK. Have seat for few minute until someone finished,” the manicurist replied, in broken English. “Wait?” the girl accused. “What do you mean wait?...more