We Bought a Convertible: My Not Midlife Crisis

I stared at the phone in my hand. My sister had texted me two words: MIDLIFE CRISIS. Because I sent her a pic of a convertible I saw while driving home with my seven-year-old daughter. But I bought one, anyway. ...more
 @Rita Arens  It really was! It's funny how we can feel sentimental about our cars :)more

It's Summertime~Summertime~Summertime! Cruising the Oldie Nights Car Shows

It's Summertime ~ and that means Oldie Car Shows & Cruise Nights! One of DH's favorite things to do is go to Oldie Car Shows. There's usually one or two per week going on locally nearby. The McDonald's over the bridge normally has one in their parking lot on Tuesday nights if the weather's good. Sometimes I tag along, and sometimes I don't.(Read More) ...more