Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: A Colorful Companion for Vegans

I recently added two Colleen Patrick-Goudreau books, Color Me Vegan and Vegan’s Daily Companion, to my library. Vegan’s Daily Companion...more

Hmmmm. I don't really think so. Unless you want something in general that just sort of inspires ...more

NotQuiteJuneCleaver's Got the Scoop on Amy Pennington and her Urban Pantry!

You seriously need to check out this chick-a-dee’s blog and website.  TOO cool.  Such a great business mind and then to put her back into it and really make a difference in the urban frontier.  Not only does she say how much she loves food (good food) but she practices what she preaches. ...more

CookBook Review: Dollars To Donuts “Comfort Food & Kitchen Wisdom From Route 66’s Landmark Rock Cafe”.  This is a book that has hit the shelves at such a perfect time.  We are all watching our wallets.  We all want to make good food –FAST.  We want to keep our old recipes but spice them up a bit.  This book offers all that.  NOTE:  It is not a Vegetarian cookbook, however does offer some meatless options. ...more