Vegan Cookbook Review {Quick-Fix Vegan} + GIVEAWAY!

I have two Robin Robertson cookbooks in my library: 1,000 Vegan Recipes and Party Vegan.  I love them both.  As a new vegan Robin’s recipes have exposed me to how easy and delicious eating vegan really is.  When I was offered the opportunity to review her latest book, ...more

Read It And Weep: The Newest Addition

12 Cookbooks Good Enough To Give: AROMA CUCINA

12 Cookbooks Good Enough To Give: AROMA CUCINA 'Tis the season of giving. Here's our review of deserving cookbooks to give or hoard. Great gift items! Check 'em out! ...more

Summer in the Kitchen with Giada De Laurentiis

The book Giada's Kitchen by Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis is my favorite cookbook this summer. (I also like her cookbook Giada at Home.)...more

I have three of her books and sounds like I'll have fourth soon!

Book Tour Update and a Crispy Halibut recipe

After a lot of fun in Nashville, my next stop along the Friends at the Table tour was Philadelphia....more

Where has my healthy-eating motivation gone?

My slip in attitude from gung-ho about trying new cholesterol-lowering foods & nearly completely unmotivated (I'm not even cooking dinner most nights) has reached a new low:  I drove TO THE NEXT TOWN to grab some Wendy’s. The other 2 times I lunched at Wendy’s in the past few weeks, it was at least subliminally motivated – I’d driven by one.  But this time, I trekked there. Sad.  Truly sad. And as hard as I try to find someone/something/anything to blame for my lack of motivation, I know it's on me.  Sigh....more

Chicken That Makes Men Propose!

They call it Engagement Chicken and it is allegedly responsible for sending hordes of men off to the diamond store. It comes from the new cookbook created by Glamour Magazine entitled 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know (Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Fabulous Dishes To Get You Everything You Want in Life). Wow - that's quite the promise! But can they really deliver? I want to run out and buy a Kindle just for recipes. Now that would be the ultimate application for smell-o-vision....more

Early Release Party & Book Signing

After a very long wait and a whole lot of work, my book is finally getting closer to release date!...more

Getting Closer to Book Release Time...Finally!

Remember the scene towards the end of the movie Julie and Julia where Julia Child is sitting in her kitchen holding her cookbook in her hands?...more

I met Ina Garten today!

As you can tell, today was a very exciting day for me.  I met one of my all time favorite chefs - Ina Garten!  What is it that I love so much about Ina?  Well, it is the simplicity in her cooking, her amazing southern-style cakes, her awesome baking tips, how she casually adds a couple sticks of butter to her cooking - hilarious,  how she urges her audience on using "good vanilla extract" and "good olive oil", her desire to ALWAYS entertain friends while Jeffrey is out of town, and her adorable relatio ...more
Sorry, late to the Blog about your meeting with the Contessa!  Your experience was mine to a ...more