The Scoop

My two-tablespoon size cookie scoop received a good workout last week. After months of hard work, I finally began tapering for World Masters Championship. I cut back on the volume of my training while keeping the intensity high. It is now time to rest so the body will be fresh on race day Sunday. Regular readers may recall that I was so tired the last few weeks that I barely had enough energy to feed myself. A side effect of tapering is that I return to my energetic self. All I wanted and all I did was bake, bake, bake!...more

Wedding Cookie Cakes

Cookies or cakes?How about both?An adorable wedding favour inspired by Martha Stewart; DIY yes, but preferably DIWF (Do It With Family), as there are a lot of cookies to put together for this project. ...more

That's The Way The Venetian Cookie Crumbles

This happens sometimes....more

Honeycomb Cookie

I've been wanting to try this for ages... Honeycomb made out of royal icing. Piping it onto a shortbread cookie took about an hour, so it's not something I'll do often, but it was fun to see the results.If you'd like to try making honeycomb cookies, edible sugar flowers or bees, visit me on Sweetopia. ...more

In Love With Speculoos Spread

I first heard of speculoos spread from none other than David Lebovitz and have been harbouring a small obsession ever since. My first taste was a warm and gooey bite on liege waffle from New York City’s famed food truck Wafels & Dinges. It subsequently opened a floodgate of cravings which was briefly satisfied by the small jar of speculoos spread I bought from the truck....more

From Words To Table

I like to keep track of how quickly a recipe transforms from words I read to food I can taste. There are some recipes that remain in my to-cook pile for years. I would re-read them over and over but the motivation to cook from them is never quite strong enough. On the other hand, there are recipes that jump from words to table in the blink of an eye. Last Thursday I experienced it with a recipe that BAKED posted on their newsfeed....more

Lovey Dovey In A Hurry

It’s not too late to bake up a batch of Valentine’s Day treat! That was what I said to myself at 2am this morning after I procrastinated through all the late night talk shows. A few days ago, I saw some limited edition heart shape York Mint Patties complete with pale pink filling. They jumped into my shopping basket before I even had a chance to talk myself out of it. I know it’s a cop-out to make Valentine’s Day treat by simply slapping a piece of candy on top of a cookie but these patties were just too cute. They practically begged to top a tender cocoa peppermint shortbread cookie....more
@DessertByCandy I have this bookmarked and saved for the weekend ;)more

Fluffer. Nutter.

What is the Shelf-Life of a Girl Scout Thin Mint?

There is an unopened box of thin mints in our kitchen cupboard. It's been there for quite a while... may be since last year. Or the year before. How have they survived this long?!! How have they not been eaten?I bought a package of peppermint patties today (thin mint's older sister) and while Emmy's been napping on my shoulder, I have been daydreaming about uniting the thin mints and peppermint patties in a balls-to-the-wall chocolate mint explosion brownie. Sounds delish, no?But how OLD are those thin mints?...more i agree! and yet, i still haven't opened the package. what's wrong with me??more