Ah… Valentines Day.  It’s here again.Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.  Even though this year I don’t have anyone to shower with retchworthy affections, Valentine’s Day is still a decent excuse for me to bake up some wink-wink worthy treats for my fellow single ladies of a certain age friends....more
Oh! I tried I different recipe last week and it was a fail! But this looks delicious! I might ...more

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bites made from Master Cookie Dough

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bites  Bite. Morsel. Just enough to satisfy the appetite.These little cookies are the perfect two or three bite treat to go along with a cup of coffee or tea.  And nestled right in the middle is a chocolate covered macadamia nut. A rich, buttery cookie surrounding a little bit of chocolate covered paradise. How can you not love that?...more
this looks goodmore

Oh Cookie

Oh, Cookie. I really want to eat you. Thankfully my family has eaten all the others, but you, lying there so alone, look so delicious. I could pretend you are only 100 calories, but I think I might be lying. I could eat half of you, but I fear the gates of desire would open. I could eat half of you mindfully and recognize when I am full of you. Ha. I could give the other half of you to the dog. The dog would like that.Oh, cookie.  I will drink my coffee and then decide....more
I shared it with the kids when they woke up and gave myself the smallest portion. I tried to ...more

Chocolate Snowballs

One of my favorite holiday cookies are polvorones.  I love how the buttery shortbread engulfed in powdery sugar just melts in your mouth.  It's no wonder that these cookies make their way onto the Christmas cookie tray every year.  They are easy to make and usually one batch of dough yields 2 or 3 dozen cookies so there's still plenty to put on the tray after you've nibbled here and there....more

Pumpkin Gingersnaps

Do you know someone who seems to know exactly what you feel like eating, moments before you realize yourself what you might feel like eating?It used to be my mom. Sometimes it's my husband. Sometimes it's even myself, when I bake something or make a meal plan for the next day and the next day what I made or planned to make is exactly what I feel like eating that day.  Does this make any sense at all?...more
Thank you, Thank you for this post. These cookies look SPECTACULAR! I printed off the recipe and ...more

Chloe and the Christmas Cookie

When my grandchildren were small, we had a Christmas cookie baking day. My daughters came over, stayed in the other room (laughing!) and the kids and I were turned loose with flour, sugar and sprinkles.Devon and Phillip were 5. Chloe was 3. Baby Maddie was asleep.The boys sat apart, rolling cookies whispering and giggling with each other.Chloe and I were talking about Christmas and how very much she was helping me with the baking....more

The Life Within a Southern Tea Cake

The old-fashioned tea cake served as  a  treat for generations of Southerners prior to commercialized bakeries.   They could be baked up by the dozens with simple ingredients that were usually on hand:  flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk and, if you were really lucky, vanilla extract.  This unpretentious treat was representative of the simple, hard luck times that befell so many residents of the rural south.  It was easy and quick and that appealed to hard-working, poverty-stricken families who looked for every way they could to scratch out a living....more

Taffy Apple Pizza Recipe

I think a bite of this would put me in little piggy heaven! It looks delish :)more

Easter Bird's Nest Cookies

Tomorrow Jeff and I are traveling to his parent's house to celebrate Easter with his side of the family. Since we will be in Florida next week (yippeee!) and his siblings are also traveling Easter weekend, we decided to all celebrate the weekend before. I was in charge of dessert since my brother-in-laws are amazing chefs and always take care of the meal for us! I thought my nieces and nephew would love these bird's nest cookies (and probably all of us adults too)!...more