Easter Bird's Nest Cookies

Tomorrow Jeff and I are traveling to his parent's house to celebrate Easter with his side of the family. Since we will be in Florida next week (yippeee!) and his siblings are also traveling Easter weekend, we decided to all celebrate the weekend before. I was in charge of dessert since my brother-in-laws are amazing chefs and always take care of the meal for us! I thought my nieces and nephew would love these bird's nest cookies (and probably all of us adults too)!...more

Skinny Vegan Oat-Berry Cookies (130 Calories)

These cookies happen to be one of my favorite recipes of cookies, because I used no Earth Balance, no Ener-G Egg Replacer, no corn starch and a lot less sugar that I'm used to using in cookies.  These are high in fiber due to the steel cut oats and banana, and have a light sweet taste accented by the cranberries.  They are perfect for the mid-afternoon sweet tooth, and at 130 calories a piece, they are not horrible calorie-wise - especially considering they only have&nbs...more

Watch Out Peanut Butter Cookies ~ Here Come Almond Butter!

Cookies… I can’t think of a word that makes me happier! Maybe the word “massage” is a close second and “nap” is running for third, but COOKIE is definitely my favorite word and snack....more

Best Cookie Ever!

Chocolate Glaze recipe

I just posted my chocolate glaze recipe on my blog: http://bit.ly/dVbLaN :)...more

Organic Persimmon Cookies and Bars

Almond Crunch Biscotti

Butter, brown sugar, and ground almonds lend a rich flavor reminiscent of rich shortbread to this biscotti recipe with a fraction of the fat and calorie hit. No, these little babies aren't exactly healthfood; but at around only 150 calories each, they're ce...more

Nutella Heath Bar Sandwich Cookies