Mint cookies - YUM :)

I didn't post yesterday because I was so dang tired! I mean, I slept horribly the night before last, and I would guess I woke up 10 times, at the very least, from nightmares. I had the worst feeling of intense dread all night long. It was horrible! So today, I bring you gooey sweetness in the form of cookies! I make these cookies A LOT. I base my recipe off this recipe from Betty Crocker....more

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

Recipe Monday - Christmas Cookies

For this recipe Monday, let's just recap a few cookie recipes with new pictures!First, anisette cookies. These came out better than last year's! I cooked the whole batch this year, and ended up with nine dozen cookies....more

DIY Christmas Gifts in a Jar

I made these treats in a jar to give as Christmas gifts. They're great for those miscellaneous gifts that always forget (teacher, bus driver, neighbor) and also make awesome party favors for dinner guests....more

Meyer Lemon Madeleines

The first time I had a madeleine, it was at a coffee shop. I fell in love immediately. It's a spongy, cake-like cookie that you can dip in coffee or just eat them with a dusting of powdered sugar. I have been dying to make these forever! ...more

Semi-Homemade Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

These cookies are insanely easy and so fun & festive! I love anything peppermint, especially around Christmas time - these aren't too strong!...more

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies for Santa Virtual Cookbook Blog Hop

I hope you will join us for our Cookies for Santa Virtual Cookbook Blog Hop.  It is open through Christmas and is sure to be a blast!  Come on by to link up your favorite Christmas recipes....more

Orange Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

What's my favorite part of the holidays? The food, family, friends and the holiday parties of course! And would there be any holiday parties without the food? The more I become acquainted with food, the more I come to realize how much it has to offer. Not only does it give us the constant nourishment we need to live our daily lives but it brings us together. It builds friendships. It also opens a world of opportunity to experiment with exciting flavors and try new recipes. That's one thing I love about food, it never has to be boring and there are limitless combinations of what can be created. ...more